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  Part One: Questions 1-20

  Directions: There are 20 sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. (在下列各题中选择一个最佳答案填空。) 20%

  1. The ______ will have a rotating honorary chairman.

  A. Board of Directors B. Boards of Director

  C. boards of director D. Board Directors

  2. Only one of the job applicants can keyboard as fast as ______.

  A. mine B. myself

  C. I D. me

  3. Because of the construction decline, ______ housing is available.

  A. fewer B. less

  C. least D. more

  4. Checking accounts differ ______ saving accounts.

  A. with B. on

  C. between D. from

  5. After inspection of the above shipment, they found 6 cases ______.

  A. loss B. missing

  C. missed D. losing

  6. It might have been ______ who made the bid.

  A. himself B. his

  C. him D. he

  7. ______ must be done to solve this problem.

  A. Everything B. Something

  C. Some thing D. Anything

  8. She is unhappy with ______ of the order.

  A. your handle B. your handling

  C. you handle D. you handling

  9. A committee of four men and five women ______ to be appointed in this week’s meeting.

  A. were B. was

  C. is D. are

  10. The President has asked for budget cuts, and Congress has indicated ______ willingness to legislate some of them.

  A. its B. their

  C. it’s D. his

  11. The outer packing of the black tea in small wooden cases looks ______.

  A. attractive B. attractively

  C. beauty D. beautifully

  12. ______ you have entered your new office building, you probably would like to refurnish it.

  A. Now that B. So that

  C. For D. Because

  13. In addition to setting the price of a product, business firms must decide ______ to offer special discount and credit terms to their customers.

  A. if B. which

  C. whatever D. whether

  14. I think your sister is old enough to know ______ to spend all her money on fancy goods.

  A. better than B. than

  C. other than D. rather than

  15. I have received ______ professional training.

  A. three-month B. three-months

  C. a three-month D. three-month’s

  16. ______ our general agent, you would also have to look after the advertising.

  A. Be B. For

  C. To be D. As

  17. Although ______ primarily to promote trade relations, these agreements also foster technological cooperation.

  A. designed B. they are to be designed

  C. it is designed D. they are being designed

  18. The importer will submit references if these ______ given in the preliminary negotiations.

  A. are not B. had not been

  C. has not been D. were not

  19. The goods are urgently needed. We ______ hope you will deliver them immediately.

  A. in the case B. so

  C. therefore D. for

  20. We appreciate your suggestion ______ establish agency relationship between our two banks.

  A. that B. for

  C. we D. to


  Part Two: Questions 21-30

  There is one mistake in each of the following sentences. Detect and correct the mistakes. Write your corrections together with the mistakes on the answer sheet.(下列每句各有一个错误,找出错误并改正。请将错误及改正写在答题纸上。) 20%

  Example: Who’s taking care the dog while you’re away?

  taking care → taking care of

  21. The computer, which is a very useful tool, is more and more dispensable in both our work and our life.

  22. Comparing with the same type of products of other companies, your product is the best.

  23. Nowadays surfing on the net is become a necessary part of our everyday life.

  24. I wish I could speak English as fluent as native speakers do.

  25. “I’ve got used to do E-commerce on the net,” he said to me proudly.

  26. Surely it was them who left the package last night.

  27. Our age, as we all know, is a information age.

  28. The contract, which stipulations have been negotiated over the past six months, is to be signed again.

  29. This letter is accompanied by a questionnaire and a self-addressed envelope .

  30. Writing for Business Week, the TV networks were commended by the editor for their coverage of economics.

  Part Three: Questions 31-40

  Write logical sentences with the words and phrases given. (用所给的词和词组写出符合逻辑的句子。) 10%

  31. generally expect / to have / we / in today’s workplace / good computer skills / all employees

  32. how well / are eager to / is performing / find out / the sales representatives / the promotion team

  33. will have / with exchange rate / you visit / in any of the 8 countries / you and your staff / no trouble

  34. import tax / permits goods / with little or no / to enter this country / the open-door policy

  35. a free bestseller / will send / join now / if you / the Time Book Club / you

  36. like the WTO / to regulate the economic / international economic bodies / and trade development / the world / needs

  37. the enclosed draft / be able to review / you will / the next two weeks / within / I hope

  38. have been employed / in an effort / different methods / the energy problem / by different countries / to solve

  39. the group / similar investments / in other parts / according to / is making / a recent report / of the world

  40. during a given time period / the imports / of a specified commodity / or exports / a quota limits

  Part Four: Questions 41-50

  Each of the following sentences contains one punctuation error. One punctuation in each is either missing or misused. Detect the error and write the missing punctuation or your correction together with the word before the punctuation on the answer sheet.(下面每句都有一个标点符号错误,该用标点处未用标点或标点符号用错。改正错误或补写标点,并将其与前面的一个单词一起填写在答题纸上。) 10%

  Example: A. What a nice present you gave me. me!

  B. You think you are right don’t you? right,

  41. I doubt that he can answer your question

  42. In short employees must work hard and creatively.

  43. We are considering Boise, Idaho or Phoenix Arizona as a possible site for our factory.

  44. Everybody knows that, we have a very challenging sales quota to fulfill this year.

  45. The aircraft exhibition will be open seven days a week from 9 am to 6 p.m.

  46. The machines arrived today, we plan to install them next week.

  47. If you desire additional information please sign and return the enclosed card.

  48. Although, he joined the firm only last year, he is already senior to me.

  49. The rent is reasonable, moreover, the location is perfect.

  50. They have been working for hours without a moments rest.

  Part Five: Memo Writing

  Write a memo in about 50 words. (写一份50个单词左右的备忘录。)15%

  51. You are the Personnel Manager of a company, and have been approached by your IT Department to recruit three new members of staff. Write a memo to Miss Kate Bush, the Manager of the IT Department,

  •informing her you have received over 100 applications and have selected 10 candidates for interview,

  •telling her you will write to the candidates inviting them for interview, and

  •asking her to tell you the time and the place of the interview.

  Part Six: Letter Writing

  Write a letter in 130-150 words. (写一封字数为130-150的信函。)25%

  52. 根据下列信息写一封希望与一家外国公司建立业务关系的书信, 字数在130-150之间。

  1) 从网上获悉贵公司求购丝绸服装。

  2) 我们公司是我国最大的丝绸服装出口公司之一, 愿在平等互惠的基础上建立业务关系。

  3) 我们公司的丝绸服装采用高档纯丝作原料,按传统工艺制作而成,给人以雍容华贵之感,令人爱不释手。现附上商品目录和价格单供贵公司参阅。

  4) 希望贵公司来函询盘。

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