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  Part One: Questions 1-20

  Directions: There are 20 sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. (在下列各题中选择一个最佳答案填空。) 20%

  1. Steel filing cabinets are best for durability, _____, and fire resistance.

  A. easy of cleaning

  B. easy cleaning

  C. ease of cleaning

  D. ease cleaning

  2. Every salesperson and every sales trainee _____ asked to sell twice as much next month.

  A. are

  B. is

  C. were

  D. was

  3. Madge corresponds _____ several distant friends.

  A. to

  B. with

  C. in

  D. at

  4. The goods will be shipped to Boston _____ October 15.

  A. no later on

  B. no latter than

  C. no later as

  D. no later than

  5. If you did _____ in the interview, you will be hired by the company.

  A. well enough

  B. enough good

  C. good enough

  D. enough well

  6. We have agreed to _____ a joint venture company in that state.

  A. put up

  B. set up

  C. put forward

  D. set forth

  7. Neither of the men had signed _____ salary warrant.

  A. his

  B. him

  C. he

  D. their

  8. A total of 156 _____ of major corporations were surveyed.


  B. CEOs’

  C. CEOs

  D. CEO’S

  9. I’m sure it is _____ who usually answers the phone.

  A. her

  B. she

  C. they

  D. them

  10. _____ you have seen the machine in operation, you will be impressed by its trouble-free performance.

  A. As

  B. Although

  C. Once

  D. Unless


  11. We are grateful for the promptness with _____ you supplied the financial statement we request.

  A. that

  B. which

  C. what

  D. whom

  12. We received a crowd of enquiries _____.

  A. later

  B. lately

  C. latter

  D. late

  13. Before _____ the receipt, please check that the consignment is complete and undamaged.

  A. signed

  B. sign

  C. signing

  D. you signed

  14. We _____ received the letter of credit when your letter arrived.

  A. have all ready

  B. have already

  C. already

  D. had already

  15 . To use containers does not require very strong packaging, _____ does it cost more.

  A. either

  B. neither

  C. nor

  D. so

  16. We look forward to receiving your prompt reply and _____ you soon.

  A. meeting

  B. to meet

  C. met

  D. meet

  17. Comparing figures from four sources, _____.

  A. the error in the balance sheet was finally discovered

  B. the error in the balance sheet finally discovered

  C. we finally discovered the error in the balance sheet

  D. we were finally discovered the error in the balance sheet

  18. The party _____ shall appoint three directors.

  A. have 70% shareholding

  B. that have 70% shareholding

  C. to have 70% shareholding

  D. having 70% shareholding

  19. A company can be set up by registration. This is by far the most usual way, and a great majority of companies _____ formed by registration.

  A. is

  B. was

  C. are

  D. were

  20. _____ a new product successfully, manufacturers often depend on advertising.

  A. Introducing

  B. To introduce

  C. Introduced

  D. Having introduced


  Part Two: Questions 21-30

  There is one mistake in each of the following questions. Detect and correct the mistakes. Write your corrections together with the mistakes on the answer sheet.(下列每句各有一个错误,找出错误并改正。请将错误及改正写在答题纸上。) 20%

  Example: Who’s taking care the dog while you’re away?

  taking care → taking care of

  21. Enclosed is a photo of our firm and I hope you’ll like it as me do.

  22. There are hundreds stores selling the same type of product produced by your company.

  23. People from different place can do transactions on-line at many websites.

  24. It must have been them who reported the missing funds.

  25. We expect to import more goods manufacture by your company.

  26. According with your letter, the customer did not follow the opening instructions.

  27. Skilling at typing and shorthand, Kay was hired by the personnel director.

  28. It is essential for you to definitely tell us when are you able to deliver the ordered goods.

  29. We all know that Dale enjoys make business trips around the world.

  30. The contract will be awarded to who submits the lowest bid.

  Part Three: Questions 31-40

  Write logical sentences with the words and phrases given. (用所给的词和短语写出符合逻辑的句子。) 10%

  31. from / is determined to / the firm / eating into the market / prevent / its competitors

  32. we would / receive the contract by July 31 / the building / by December 1 / we thought that / and that we would complete

  33. failing to meet / there is nothing / than / the sales target / more frustrating / for a businessman

  34. remained / that of / the corresponding period / the turnover of the company / the same as / last year / in the second quarter

  35. came back / the secretary / when he / had corrected and retyped / from the lunch / the letter

  36. is / the world political situations / sensitive to / extremely / international trade

  37. brought up again / two weeks ago / Bob said / topics discussed / were / yesterday

  38. are interested / proposed in-service training / many employees / in / the

  39. will / the bank / a monthly statement / or will send / of each transfer / you / notify you

  40. please / the date and time / are suitable / I have suggested / that / confirm


  Part Four: Questions 41-50

  Each of the following sentences contains one punctuation error. One punctuation in each is either missing or misused. Detect the error and write the missing punctuation or your correction together with the word before the punctuation on the answer sheet.(下面每句都有一个标点符号错误,该用标点处未用标点或标点符号用错。改正错误或补写标点,并将其与前面的一个单词一起填写在答题纸上。) 10%

  Example:A. What a nice present you gave me. me!

  B. You think you are right don’t you? right,

  41. That is the correct form isn’t it?

  42. Are you planning to leave before I return.

  43. She left the company, because, she wanted to have a change of climate.

  44. When it is necessary to place a last-minute order simply use our toll-free service.

  45. The recently posted sign read Unauthorized persons are prohibited.

  46. Communication is of course, of vital importance to any business that wants to achieve efficiency.

  47. The auditors usually arrive unexpectedly but we’ll be prepared no matter when they arrive.

  48. It is known to everybody that the more one buys the more one spends.

  49. Could you tell me how many 5’s you have got this semester?

  50. She read the letter quickly, therefore, she did not find errors in it.

  Part Five: Memo Writing

  Write a memo in about 50 words.(写一份50个单词左右的备忘录。) 15%

  51. You are a manager of administration office of a company. The board of directors have decided to renew the Fitness Center. Write a memo to tell all the employees:

  ·the decision of the Board on the Fitness Center,

  ·how long this project will last, and

  ·welcome employees to provide suggestions to their representatives on the type of equipment that will be made available.

  Part Six: Letter Writing

  Write a letter in 130-150 words.(写一封字数为130-150的信函。) 25%

  52. 根据下列信息写一封应聘销售经理的书信, 字数在130—150之间。

  1) 从3 月12 日的人民日报上获悉贵公司招聘销售经理一名。鉴于本人的知识基础及工作经验, 深信定能胜任此职。

  2) 本人毕业于中华大学商业管理专业,学过商业管理、市场营销、财务、会计以及统计和计算机等。 已在一家家电公司工作三年, 初任销售员, 后任销售部经理, 因业绩出色, 屡受奖励。

  3) 希望面谈, 以便贵公司了解我的知识和工作经验, 并盼与我书面或电话联系。

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