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  I. Multiple choice: (1×15=15)

  Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.Choose the one that best completes the sentence.

  1.Business people see tourism as an opportunity to make ____ by supplying the goods and services.

  A. a promise

  B. an advance

  C. a profit

  D. a friend

  2.Tourist expenditures have direct, indirect and induced effects on a/an ____ economy.

  A. accommodation

  B. destination

  C. transportation

  D. national

  3.The WTO has suggested several ______ for domestic tourism definitions.

  A. guidelines

  B. principles

  C. policies

  D. facilities

  4.One of the objectives of WTO is to raise standards of living in the less developed areas of the world by helping to provide _____ for foreign tourism.

  A. education

  B. policies

  C. facilities

  D. markets

  5.The tour operator's brochure is a/an _____tool, being the main influence on the

  customer's decision to buy.

  A. informing

  B. communicating

  C. managing

  D. marketing

  6.The removal of coral, either for souvenirs collected by the public or for commercial sale by tourist enterprises, ______ some coastal regions of Australia and elsewhere.

  A. develops

  B. threatens

  C. promotes

  D. improves

  7.Charter services do not operate according to _____.

  A. middleman's orders

  B. charted routes

  C. agreed practices

  D. published timetables

  8.With the invention of _____ in 1853, hotels began to expand upward.

  A. telephone

  B. electricity

  C. elevators

  D. cars

  9.As in any business, there must be one person responsible for the_____. That person is the general manager.

  A. managing direction

  B. overall operation

  C. marketing operation

  D. hotel direction

  10. The resort or _____ chosen will depend on the form of relaxation required.

  A. destination

  B. scenic spot

  C. hotel

  D. transportation



  11. The entire tourism industry rests on a base of_______.

  A. national economy

  B. natural resources

  C. hotel and transportation

  D. government policy

  12. Tourism has the _____ to help bridge the psychological and cultural distances that separate people.

  A. potential

  B. profit


  D. energy

  13. Standardization and rigidity are very clear characteristics of ____ tours offered on al arge scale.

  A. international

  B. in-bound

  C. package

  D. business

  14. The realization of one's desire to travel depends on many complex social and political factors, including the social _____ of the destination.

  A. change

  B. awareness

  C. policy

  D. stability

  15. There is great potential in China for specialized tourism, focusing on ethnic roups and _______ adventure.

  A. environmental

  B. minority

  C. mountain

  D. rural

  Ⅱ. Reading comprehension: (2×10=20)

  Directions: Read the following passages and make your proper choices.


  Some seven or eight hundred years ago, Hangzhou, known as Ling'an then, was the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty. At that time, watching the tidal bore was already a grand occasion in town when the whole population would turn out for the spectacle. The best time to do this was from the 15th to the 18th of the eighth month of each year. But beginning from about the tenth day of the month, that part of the river bank that offered the best vantage point for ride watching would already be a busy gathering place for little open-air booths and stalls where vendors piled

  colourful wares on their carts or boxes. There would be all kinds of snacks and cooked meats in shining pots and pans. The taverns and restaurants would put up mulfi-coloured lanterns and flags or pennants, displaying meanwhile an attractive array of meat and vegetable dishes with a lot more exotic delicacies on the menu. In the tea-houses would be hung painting scrolls and calligraphy scrolls by famous artists while the antique vases would be filled with flesh flowers. In addition, there would be vendors displaying plasters and medicinal herbs for sale on the ground, roving artists with their monkeys for variety, shows or folk artists ready to entertain the crowds. Even before the days of the tidal bore, these people would be gathered on the river bank doing whatever they could to attract pleasure-seekers. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people, visitors from other towns as well as local residents of Ling' an, would be hustling and bustling about, clogging up the way and making traffic impossible. In the large riverside mansions that lined the banks, there would be opulently dressed men and women, some leaning against the windows or the balconies looking into the distance and some looking down gazing fixedly at something going on down below.

  16. In the Southern Song Dynasty, people ______ to watch the tidal bore.

  A. were used

  B. used

  C. were anxious

  D. were extremely eager

  17. At that time people came to watch the tidal bore _____ of the eighth month of each year.

  A. from 15th to the 18th

  B. starting around 10th

  C. from 15th to the end

  D. at the middle

  18. The vendors were selling their wares _____.

  A. along the bank

  B. at the best vantage point

  C. in piles

  D. using pots and pans

  19. The crowds coming to watch the tidal bore were also entertained by ____.

  A. painting scrolls

  B. displaying plasters

  C. folk artists

  D. pleasure-seekers

  20. The best vantage point for tide watching was _____.

  A. large riverside mansions

  B. distant balconies

  C. taverns and restaurants

  D. the tea houses(2)



  Vacation travel, a pleasant travel, is one of the faster-growing segments of the tourism industry. These travelers seek enjoyment and pleasure for their travel.

  Vacation travel is typically price-sensitive and often concerned with the particular time of day or day of week schedules. Vacation travel has been heavily promoted by the airlines for Saturday and Sunday travel when their transport capacity is not heavily used by business travelers. Further, the vacation travel market is where the airlines often offer lower fares. These tickets often have many restrictions designed to prevent regular business travelers from switching to the lower fares. For example, the super-saver fare requires the passenger to stay at the destination over a Saturday night. Such fares are not good during certain heavy holiday periods or Monday to Friday flights, or they constitute only a small number of seats on flights that normally would not be filled by full-fare business passengers.

  The vacation market is an important one to Florida, the Caribbean, Colorado, and Vermont during the winter months for sun and ski vacations. The United States to Europe and the United States coast to coast are strong vacation markets in the summer. Travel agents and tour operators are heavily involved in the vacation market. Charter bus trips and tours are also major parts of the vacation market.

  The vacation travel market is also splintering into “boutique” travel niches as well. These are specialty vacations in which recreation and/or rest at a hotel or on a cruise ship are not the major elements of the trip. Trips in this category that have become increasingly popular in recent years include viewing rare animal life at the Galapagos islands, whale watching in Baja California, hiking in Nepal, photographic expeditions in the wilds of Alaska or the Northwest Territories,

  safaris in Africa, and nature cruises up the Amazon River. These trips typically are educational; they often employ naturalists who give speeches and show films relating to the site on the trip

  21. Business travelers usually take ______ airplanes.

  A. weekend

  B. weekday

  C. holiday

  D. particular time

  22. Vacation travelers always seek _____ offerings.

  A. restricted

  B. meal-included

  C. weekend

  D. low-price

  23. “Boutique” travel niches in this passage means ______.

  A. specialized purpose travel

  B. photographic expeditions

  C. traveling for shopping purpose

  D. nature loving experience

  24. Vacation travel is a very important segment in _____.

  A. vacation market

  B. charter tourism

  C. tourism market

  D. specialized market

  25. During educational travel the tourists usually see ______ and wildlife.

  A. rare animals

  B. safaris

  C. Amazon River

  D. naturalists

  Ⅲ. Cloze: (1×15=15)

  Directions: Choose the one from the given A, B, C and D to complete the passage


  Good environment starts with location. We have heard some of the most successful operators say 26 is probably 50% of the reason for success. Location

  27 that an establishment has to be easily 28 . It has to be located in or near a community 29 near important intersections.

  Environment also refers to the 30 of the restaurant. Many successful operators believe that the 31 environmental theme must be complete 32 the guest will perceive a total experience as part of the meal. This completeness 33 to a coordination of the decorations, the 34 and menu covers, food server uniforms, silver, china, glassware, linens, and the 35 of food and service that is 36 .

  Studies consistently show that guests are very 37 about the cleanliness of the restaurant, the restrooms, and the outside environs ( 附近的地方 ) of the property. These are important 38 that help create repeat business 39 the food and beverage operation and for the hotel 40 .

  26. A. position B. location C. place D. status

  27. A. means B. is C. has D. hints

  28. A. acceptable B. reliable C. accessible D. available

  29. A. also B. but C. or D. still

  30. A. purpose B. slogan C. title D. theme



  31. A. entire B. all C. whole D. same

  32. A. lest B. so that C. that D. otherwise

  33. A. amounts B. debates C. contributes D. relates

  34. A. menus B. dishes C. food D. furniture

  35. A. rest B. season C. type D. appearance

  36. A. given B. give C. gave D. giving

  37. A. anxious B. nervous C. worried D. concerned

  38. A. reasons B. factors C. ways D. facts

  39. A. on B. to C. for D. with

  40. A. either B. as well C. yet D. else

  Ⅳ. Phrasal verbs: (1×10=10)

  Directions: Fill in the blanks with the proper phrasl verbs given below. Make some changes if necessary.

  account for link with

  depend on remove...from

  dispense with stem from

  interest in transfer to

  invest in view as

  41. This is easily accomplished by ________ the banquet section ______the

  control of the food and beverage department.

  42. That entrepreneur ________a large amount of money __________ a luxurious hotel last year.

  43. Most nations _________ further ________ developing tourism as an export industry.

  44. The local government ________ tourism __________a wealth factor in the economy of its jurisdictions.

  45. He _______ the housekeeping department.

  46. The well-known Silk Road __________China ________ the central and western Asia and the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.

  47. The tourism products ___________ the choice of markets or types of potential customers.

  48. The social significance ___________ the greater appreciation of other cultures.

  49. Some people see advances in technology _________ the need for much of today's business travel.

  50. In 2005, an earning in tourism turnovers __________________5% of the country's

  total export revenue of the year.

  V. Phrase translation: (1×20=20)

  Part One

  Directions: Translate the following into Chinese.

  51. intangible tourism products

  52. ambitious plan

  53. the visitor's initial expenditure

  54. short take-off and landing aircraft

  55. with lots of local color

  56. in accordance with international obligations

  57. encourage word of mouth recommendation

  58. improved educational standards

  59. an international excursionist

  60. spread messages of hope for a peaceful world

  Part Two

  Directions: Translate the following into English.

  61. 平均工资水平










  VI. Passage translation: (10×2=20)

  Directions: Translate the following passages into Chinese.

  71. China is truly one of the few countries in the world with such a vast territory, huge population, long-standing history, brilliant ancient civilization, stunning natural beauty, and multiethnic culture. This uniquely combined natural and cultural resource base has become a major asset for China in its effort to develop tourism. Located in the southeastern part of Eurasian Continent on the western shores of the Pacific Ocean, China is the third largest country in the world with a total land area of 9.6 million square kilometers. Its geographic environment and physical landscape are enormously diverse due to the north-south differences in latitudes and the east-west variations in landform and moisture. China is a mountainous country. Hills, mountains, and plateaus cover two-thirds of the total area. The general topography descends from the high plateaus in the west to the lower-lying plains in the east.

  72. Professional travelers are similar to business travelers in many ways, although this type of travel is more elastic than business travel. Professional travel is built around the meeting and convention markets. These markets have grown as transportation, especially by air, has become more available and affordable. As professional travel continues to grow, new and expanded meeting and convention facilities have been developed to satisfy this increasing demand. Along with this growth, new management challenges have arisen to serve this specialized market. Some of the key market segments for meeting participants or attendees are associations, businesses, exhibitions and trade shows, religious organizations, political parties, and governments.


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