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  1. -----Nancy is not coming tonight.

  ----- But she _____

  A. promises   B. promised   C. will promise   D. had promised

  2. We've made some achievements, but there is still a long way _____.

  A. going    B. to go     C. gone     D. to be gone

  3. Dr. Bethune began to work the _____ he arrived at the front.

  A. moment   B. place    C. way    D. reason

  4. ----- This pen isn't yours, is it?

  ----- _____.

  A. Yes, it's not mine     B. No, yours is bigger

  C. No, it's my friend's     D. Yes, mine's a red one

  5. ----- Thanks for the_____ you did me to move away the stone.

  ----- That's all right.

  A. favour  B. good   C. trouble   D. kindness

  6. She won't be afraid as _____ as you are here.

  A. long    B. well     C. soon     D. far

  7. It isn't quite _____whether she will take the advice.

  A. sure    B. right     C. certain    D. exact

  8. Shirley _____a book about China last year but I don't know whether she has finished it.

  A. has written  B. wrote   C. had written  D. was writing

  9. _____the children to bed, she began to correct the students' exercises.

  A. Sending  B. Being sent  C. sent   D. Having sent

  10. Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lights happened to _____.

  A. be put up  B. give in    C. be turned on  D. go out

  11. Why do you want a new job_____ you've got such a good one already?

  A. that     B. where     C. which     D. when

  12. He insisted that his brother ____ the window. It was clear that someone else broke

  the window.

  A. should not break     B. should not have broken

  C. hadn't broken     D. would not break

  13. ----- Can you come on Monday or Tuesday?

  ----- I'm afraid _____day is possible.

  A. either   B. neither   C. some   D. any

  14. ----- Don't forget to come to my birthday party, Mr. Wang. ----- _____.

  A. No, I don't   B. Yes, I can't   C. No, I won't   D. Yes, I'm sure

  15. Tom's father, as well as his mother, _____in New York for a few more days.

  A. suggest him to stay    B. suggested him that he should stay

  C. suggest him staying     D. suggests he stay

  Keys: 1—10 BBACA ACDDD

  11—15 DCBCD

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