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In this section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the correct answer. Mark your choices on your ANSWER SHEET.


The development of Jamestown in Virginia during the second half of the 17th century was closely related to the making and use of bricks. There are several practical reasons why bricks became important to the colony. Although the forest could initially supply sufficient timber, the process of lumbering was extremely difficult , particularly because of the lack of roads. Later, when the timber on the peninsula had been depleted, wood had to be brought from some distance. Building stone was also in short supply. However, as clay was plentiful, it was inevitable that the colonists would turn to brickmaking.

In addition to practical reasons for using brick as the principal construction material, there was also an ideological reason. Brick represented durability and permanence. The Virginia Company of London instructed the colonies to build hospitals and new residences out of brick. In 1662, the Town Act of the Virginia Assembly provided for the construction of thirty-two brick buildings and prohibited the use of wood as a construction material. Had this law ever been successful enforced, Jamestown would have been a model city. Instead, the residents failed to comply fully with the law; and by 1699 Jamestown had collapsed into a pile of rubble with only three or four habitable houses.

66. What is the subject of this passage?

A.The reason for brickmaking in Jamestown.

B.The cause of the failure of Jamestown.

C.The law of the Virginia colonists.

D.The problem of the early American colonies.

67. Which of the following was NOT a reason for using bricks in construction?

A. Wood had to be brought from some distance.

B. There was considerable clay available.

C. The lumbering process depended on good roads.

D. The timber was not of good quality.

68. It can be inferred from the passage that settlers who built with bricks in the 1660’s were____.

A. planning to return to England

B. obeying the laws

C. not concerned about durability

D. interested in large residences

69. According to the passage, what eventually happened to Jamestown?

A. It was practically destroyed.

B. It became a model city.

C. It remained the seat of the government.

D. It was almost completed.


During the summer session there will be a revised schedule of services for the university community. Specific changes for intercampus bus services, the cafeteria, and summer hours for the infirmary and recreational and athletic facilities will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the cafeteria. Weekly movie and concert schedules which are in the process of being arranged will be posted each Wednesday outside of the cafeteria.

Intercampus buses will leave the main hall every hour on the half hour and make all of the regular stops on their route around the campus. The cafeteria will serve breakfast, lunch, and early dinner from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the week and from noon to 7 p.m. on weekends. The library will maintain regular hours during the week, but shorter hours on Saturdays and Sundays. The weekend hours are from noon to 7 p.m.

All students who want to use the library borrowing services and the recreational, athletic, and entertainment facilities must have valid summer identification cards. This announcement will also appear in the next issue of the student newspaper.

70. Which of the following is the main purpose of this announcement?

A.To tell campus personnel of the new library services.

B.To announce the new movies on campus this summer.

C.To notify university people of important schedule changes.

D.To remain students to validate their identification cards.

71. Which of the following facilities’specific schedule revisionsare listed in this announcement?

A. Athletic and recreational.

B. Food and transportation.

C. Bookstore and post office.

D. Medical and audio-visual.

72. Times for movies and concerts are not listed in this announcement because___.

A. a film or concert occurs every Wednesday at 7p.m.

B. the full list would be too long

C. films and concerts cannot be announced publicly

D. the full list is not ready yet

73. According to the announcement, which of the following is true of special summer hours for the library?

A. It has them only on the weekends.

B. It has them both weekdays and weekends.

C. It has no special summer hours.

D. This information is not available.

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Shyness is the cause of much unhappiness for a great many people. Shy people are anxious and self-conscious; that is, they are excessively concerned with their own appearance and actions. Worrisome thoughts are constantly occurring in their minds: What kind of impression am I making? Do they like me? Do I sound stupid?

Am I wearing unattractive clothes?

It is obvious that such uncomfortable feeling must affect people adversely. A person’s self-concept is reflected in the way he or she behaves, and the way a person behaves affects other people’s reactions. In general, the way people think about themselves has a profound effect on all areas of their live.

Shy people, having low self-esteem, are likely to be passive and easily in fluenced by others. They need reassurance that they are doing ”the right thing”.Shy people are very sensitive to criticism: they feel it confirms their inferiority. They also find it difficult to be pleased by compliments because they believe they are unworthy of praise. A shy person may respond to a compliment with a statement like this one: “You’re just saying that to make me feel good. I know it’s not true.” It is clear that, while self-awareness is a healthy quality, overdoing it is harmful.

Can shyness be completely eliminated, or at least reduced? Fortunately, people can overcome shyness with determined and patient effort in building self-confidence. Since shyness goes hand in hand with lack of self-esteem, it is important for people to accept their weakness as well as their strengths. For example,most people would like to be “A” students in every subject. It is not fair for them to label themselves inferior because they have difficulty in some area. Peoples expectations of themselves must be realistic. Living on the impossible leads to a sense of inadequacy.

Each one of us is a unique, worthwhile individual. We are interested in our own personal ways. The better we understand ourselves, the easier it becomes to live up to our full potential. Let’s not allow shyness to block our chances for a rich and fulfilling life.

74. The first paragraph is mainly about ____.

A.the characteristics of shy people

B.the cause of shyness

C.the questions in the minds of shy people

D.the effect of shyness on people

75. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. Shyness helps us to live up to our full potential.

B. Shyness enable us to understand ourselves better.

C. Shyness block our chances for a rich life.

D. Shyness has nothing to do with lack of self-esteem.

76. We can infer from the passage that the writer is____.

A. a shy person

B. a realistic person

C. a sensitive person

D. a reserved person


For nearly a century before there was such a thing as a space program, a view of space was possible. People could see detailed views of the Moon, explore Mars, and study the geometric beauty of Saturn’s rings. All of this was made possible by a small group of artist-astronomers who made a career of illustrating how other worlds in space might look.

Lucien Rudaux, a French artist, was the first to combine his artistic talents with his knowledge of astronomy. His paintings show a mixture of skilled observations, brilliant imagination, and painstaking attention to details. As a result, many of his works have come surprisingly to close to actual conditions on distant planets. His painting of Mars included moonlike craters that were first photographed by the Mariner 4 probe in 1965. His 1930 painting of a dust storm looks remarkably like a photograph of a storm taken by Orbiter 2 in 1976.

The artist-astronomers, including Rudaux, stimulated interest in outer space by painting what eventually turned out to be precise portraits of the planets.

77. What is the main idea of the passage?

A.The amazing accuracy of space artists.

B.The popular success of Lucien Rudaux.

C.The imaginations of great artists.

D.The similarities of the Moon to Mars.

78. According to the passage, artist astronomers spent their lives___.

A. exploring the planets

B. studying geometry 

C. creating images of space

D. producing rockets for space travel

79. According to the passage, the works of Lucien Rudaux represent a combination of ____.

A. astronomy and mathematics

B. generalizations and specifics

C. photography and illustration

D. fact and fiction

80. According to the passage, what did the space probes do? 

A.Created abnormal conditions on the planets.

B.Confirmed the space artists’ work.

C.Produced new occupations for artists.

D. Promoted interest in outer space.



In this section there are four passages with a total of ten multiplechoice questions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.


First read the following questions.

81. India’s expanding population is not alarming to____.

A.Europeans B.Americans

C.Japanese D.Africa

82. We can infer from the article that India’s birth control is a___.

A. failure B. disaster

C. fashion D. success

83. Education plays an important role in ____.

A.population growth

B.health care

C.birth control

D.both A and C

Now skim the passage below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

India’s population is 844m and expanding by almost 18m a year. This is alarming, except by African standards: India’s growth rate of 2.22% a year is far exceeded by Africa’s 3.2%.

India spends $400m a year on birth control, much of which is wasted. Sterilization is undergone mainly by older people who have had families. Those who have the operation get a $5 reward.

Small families are commonest in the cities. There health care is available and people can generally find some cash. Moreover, city Indians do not feel they need lots of children to look after them when they are old. Literacy seems to be a factor in keeping the family to a manageable size. In India as a whole literacy is 52%. But in the southern state of Kerala, where literacy exceeds 90%, the population growth is only 1.2% a year.


First read the following questions.

84. Who will give the lecture on Producing the Thesis? 

A.Dr. M. Large. B.Dr. M. Dunlin.

C.Dr. L. Moffat. D.Both B and C.

85. What is Pro. S. Ball’s topic?

A.The Early Stages of Thesis Writing

B.Supervision of the Thesis

C.Producing the Thesis

D.Evaluating the Thesis

Now skim the table below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

PROGRAMMETOPIC:The Early Stages of Thesis Writing

DATES:17 and 24 September

SPEAKERS:17 September - Pro. E. Sharp, Religious Studies

24 September - Dr. M. Large, Physics

TOPIC:Supervision of the Thesis

DATES:18 and 25 September

SPEAKERS:18 September - Assoc. Pro. M. Harris,English

25 September - Dr. A. Underwood, Biology

TOPIC:Producing the Thesis

DATES:19 and 26 September

SPEAKERS:19 September - Dr. M. Dunlin, Center forTeaching & Embryology 

26 September - Dr. L. Moffat, History & Embryology

TOPIC:Evaluating the Thesis

DATES:20 and 27 September

SPEAKERS:20 September - Pro. S. Ball, Education

27 September - Pro. S. Sternhell, Chemistry



First read the following questions.

86. During the Gulf War American satellites____.

A.tracked Scuds

B.spotted hidden bunkers

C.eavesdropped on whispered orders

D.all above

87. The Global Positioning System allowed American troops to____.

A. locate themselves

B. spot hidden bunkers

C. find the enemy’s positions

D. track Scuds

88. Implied but not stated: the GPS can be used on ____.

A. aboard whaling ships

B. aboard international airliners

C. cars

D. all above

Now skim the passage below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

Not all the satellites in the Gulf War tracked Scuds, spotted hidden bunkers or eavesdropped on whispered orders; some just sat in orbit and warbled coded time signals. But these satellites, which make up the Global Positioning System (GPS), were as vital as any others. They allowed troops with portable radio receivers to find their way across trackless desert and end up exactly where they wanted to be. Having seen its success, the American forces are busily equipping everything, from battleships to cruise missiles, with GPS systems. The technology may have as many applications in peace as in waror even more.


First read the following questions.

89. Who is most likely to be the author of the passage?

A.A politician.B.An artist.

C.A doctor.D.A salesman.

90. What cannot a M. S. patient do ?

A. To have a nap at noon.

B. To do adequate exercises.

C. To live alone.

D. To be optimistic to the future.

Now skim the table below and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.


Get plenty of sleep. Never get over-tired.

Eat often plenty. Never let yourself get weak with hunger.

Exercise at least once a day.

Always have something to look forward to.

Be sociable. Take an interest in other people.

Think positively.

Take care to look good.

Stick to as ordered a routine as you can. Keep on top of things.

Keep your mind active and interested.

Do something that gives you a sense of achievement, for example, a creative ho

bby; helping other people in the community.

Live in the present and get the most out of each experience as it is actually ha

ppening. Do not dwell on the past or be fearful about the future.

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