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Part Ⅱ 快速阅读答案

1. A) it has large audiences

2. D) the number of TV ads people can see has increased

3. B) convey more detailed messages

4. C) it provides easy access to consumers

5. A) reach target audiences

6. B) consumers travel more now than ever before

7. C) easy to remember

8. quite homogeneous, but small.

9. relationships with consumers

10. the appropriate media

Part Ⅲ 听力 (由点点英语缪金华老师提供)

11. A) Give his ankle a good rest.

12. C) In a theater.

13. B) A sad occasion.

14. D) Focus on the main points of her lectures.

15. D) The woman split coffee on the man’s skirt.

16. B) Hard to understand.

17. A) Attending every lecture.

18. D) The new TV program may not provide anything better.


19. C) The description of a thief in disguise.

20. D) Showing them his ID.

21. C) Not to let anyone in without an appointment.

22. C) The pension she had just drawn was stolen.


23. A) Marketing consultancy.

24. D) Being able to speak Japanese.

25. B)It will involve lots of train travel.


26. A) The lack of time.

27. A) They were just as busy as people of today.

28. D) To find effective ways to give employees flexibility.


29. B) The Great Depression.

30. D) His second wife’s positive influence.

31. B) Love breeds love.


32. B) Its owner died of a heart stroke.

33. C) Putting up a Going Out of Business sing.

34. C) Developing fresh business opportunities.

35. A. Owning the greenhouse one day.


36) labor

37) ingredients

38) vital

39) individuals

40) engage

41) figures

42) generating

43) Currently

44) will be making decisions in such areas as product development, quality control, and customer satisfaction.

45) to acquire new skills that will help you keep up with the improved technologies and procedures

46) Don't expect the companies to provide you with a clearly-defined career path.





Part Ⅳ 阅读理解 (由点点英语缪金华、俞光老师提供)

47. D) claim

48. H) limited

49. O) totally

50. G) interviews

51. M) regret

52. J) moments

53. B) advanced

54. N) scary

55. C) balloon

56. A) accomplish

57. D) Very little will be done to bring it under control.

58. C) It is a problem that can be solved once it is recognized.

59. A) economic growth.

60. B) few nations have adopted real tough measures to limit energy use.

61. B) The ultimate solution to global warming lies in new technology.

62. A) People’s personal information is easily accessed without their knowledge.

63. C) There should be a distance even between friends.

64. B) People leave traces around when using modern technology.

65. D) They talk a lot but hardly do anything about it.

66. D) People don’t cherish it until they lost it.

Part Ⅴ 完形 (由点点英语缪金华、俞光老师提供)

67. A) at

68. D) varies

69. C) control

70. B) possess

71. D) vast

72. A) But

73. B) essential

74. C) touch

75. A) acquire

76. B) profession

77. D) only

78. A) with

79. C) encourage

80. C) interests

81. A) broaden

82. B) After

83. D) sake

84. B) make

85. A) field

86. C) meaningful

Part VI Translation (由点点英语缪金华老师提供)

87. Our efforts will pay off if the results of the research can be applied to the development of new technology.(能应用于新技术的开发)

88. I can’t boot my computer now. Something must be wrong (一定出了毛病)with its operating system.

89. Leaving one’s job, no matter what job it is /whatever job it is, (无论是什么工作)is a difficult change, even for those who look forward to retiring.

90. Compared with the place (in which/where) I grow up, (与我成长的地方相比)this town is more prosperous and exciting.

91. Not until he finished his mission (直到他完成使命)did he realize that he was seriously ill.

作文题目及点评 (由点点英语张培老师提供)


1. 娱乐方式多种多样,

2. 有的有利,有的有害

3. 我的看法




其次,在体裁方面,由原来常考的应用性文体转变为正反对比观点的传统三段式文体,虽然看起来在难度上有所降低,对于考生来说,可能会采用事先背过的模板,比如说都是Some people believe that..., others believe that ...这样老套的句式,千篇一律,严重影响考生作文的分数。但在这里提醒广大考生,按照新的阅卷标准和阅卷教师的反馈的信息,模板作文的得分普遍比较低,而且现在的老师有反模板的倾向,因此,这种正反观点的体裁表面上是难度降低了,但是反而对考生提出了更高的要求,要求考生在表达上具有多样性,要有闪光点,要求考生在平时备考中注重基本功的培养,摒弃模板,同时,对于校园内的话题,包括学习类,生活类,娱乐类等要多观察,多积累素材,这样才能在写作这个项目中取得高分。




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