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  Language is the most astonishing behavior in the animal kingdom. It is the species-typical behavior that sets humans completely __1__ from all other animals. Language is a means of communication, __2__ it is much more than that. Many animals can __3__. The dance of the honeybee communicates the location of flowers __4__ other members of the hive (蜂群). But human language permits communication about anything, __5__ things like unicorn (独角兽) that have never existed. The key __6__ in the fact that the units of meaning, words, can be __7__ together in different ways, according to __8__, to communicate different meanings.

  Language is the most important learning we do. Nothing __9__ humans so much as our ability to communicate abstract thoughts, __10__ about the universe, the mind, love, dreams, or ordering a drink. It is an immensely complex __11__ that we take for granted. Indeed, we are not aware of most __12__ of our speech and understanding. Consider what happens when one person is speaking to __13__. The speaker has to translate thoughts into __14_ language. Brain imaging studies suggest that the time from thoughts to the __15__ of speech is extremely fast, only 0.04 seconds! The listener must hear the sounds to __16__ out what the speaker means. He must use the sounds of speech to __17__ the words spoken, understand the pattern of __18__ of the words (sentences), and finally __19__ the meaning. This takes somewhat longer, a minimum of about 0.5 seconds. But __20__ started, it is of course a continuous process.

  1, A) apart B) off C) up D) down

  2, A) so B) but C) or D) for

  3, A) transfer B) transmit C) convey D) communicate

  4, A) to B) from C) over D) on

  5, A) only B) almost C) even D) just

  6, A) stays B) situates C) hides D) lies

  7, A) stuck B) strung C) rung D) consisted

  8, A) rules B) scales C) laws D) standards

  9, A) combines B) contains C) defines D) declares

  10,A) what B) whether C) while D) if

  11,A) prospect B) progress C) process D) produce

  12,A) aspects B) abstracts C) angles D) assumptions

  13,A) anybody B) another C) other D) everybody

  14,A) body B) gesture C) written D) spoken

  15,A) growing B) fixing C) beginning D) building

  16,A) put B) take C) draw D) figure

  17,A) identify B) locate C) reveal D) discover

  18,A) performanceB) organizationC) design D) layout

  19,A) prescribe B) justify C) utter D) interpret

  20,A) since B) after C) once D) until



  1,A 2,B 3,D 4,A 5,C 6,D 7,B 8,A 9,C 10,B

  11,C 12,A 13,B 14,D 15,C 16,D 17,A 18,B 19,D 20,C

  1,词汇搭配题.本题所填入的词语需要满足两个条件,首先可以和from搭配,另外还要符合上下文的意思.注意apart from具有双重含义:1)除...以外(尚有);2)除...之外(别无).


  3,语境题.Many animals can __3__. The dance of the honeybee communicates the location of flowers __4__ other members of the hive.该题中后一句为前一句分述.后一句的意思为蜜蜂的舞蹈是告诉蜂群其它成员花朵的方位.由此可以总结出空格3应该填communicate.

  4,词汇搭配题.本题考查固定搭配communicate sth.to sb.


  6,词汇搭配题.本题所填入的词语需要满足两个条件,首先可以和in搭配,另外还要符合上下文的意思.考察题目四个选项,只有stay和lie可以和介词in搭配.stay in的意思为在家,不外出,lie in的意思为:1)(问题,事情等)在于,存在于;2)(问题,事情等)由...决定.由此可以确定正确答案为D.

  7,词汇搭配题.本题所填入的词语需要满足两个条件,首先可以和together搭配,另外还要符合上下文的意思.考察四个选项,只有stick和string可以和together搭配.其中stick together的意思为粘在一起,互相忠诚,string together的意思为(把事实)连贯起来 .由此确定正确答案为B.

  8,语境题.此处的结构according to __8__是一个插入语结构,这句话的意思为"单词的意思和该部分的语境以不同的结合方式,根据____,来表达不同的意思.考察四个选项的意思,含有规则意思的rules是正确答案.


  10,语境题.前一句的意思为几乎没有人把人类定义为我们表达抽象思维的能力,后面的__10__ about the universe, the mind, love, dreams, or ordering a drink.这一部分是对前一句中的那种抽象思维的补充说明.考察四个选项,应该选择含有不管是意思的whether,这句话的意思为不管是关于宇宙的,还是关于精神,爱情,梦想,或者要一个饮料.

  11,语境题.本题解答的关键是要搞清楚这句话开始的代词it所指代的对象.分析后可知,it是指代上一句话中的our ability to communicate abstract thoughts.知道了这个,在考察四个选项,可以确定应该选择含有过程意思的process.


  13,词汇搭配题.本题比较简单,one person可以确定应该选择another,another的意思为另外的一个(有任意性)后面加可数名词单数,也可以不加名词直接使用。

  14,语境题.本题是标志词法的一个应用.分析题目后可知,translate...into的意思为把...翻译为...,所以空格词汇应该要根据thoughts来选择.结合本篇文章的主题,考察四个选项,应该选择含有语言意思的spoken language,意思为把思维翻译成口语.

  15,词汇搭配题.本题考查固定搭配the beginning of...意思为...的开始.

  16,本题主要考查选项次个动词词汇与介词out搭配意思的辨析.put out的意思为v.放出,伸出,生产,消除,打扰,麻烦,作出努力,使退场.take out的意思为拿出,取出,去掉,出发,取得,扣除,抵充,发泄.draw out的意思为v.抽出,拉长,使说出实情,拟订.figure out的意思为合计为,计算出,解决,断定,领会到.由此可以确定应该选择含有领会到意思的figure out.

  17,语境题.该句话He must use the sounds of speech to __17__ the words spoken, understand the pattern of __18__ of the words (sentences), and finally __19__ the meaning.前一句是说演讲者将thoughts翻译为spoken language的过程.而该句则是说听者的过程,而听者应该是和演讲者相反的一个过程.而空格17所填的词,understand和空格19的词是这个过程中的三个关键动词.考查空格18四个选项可知,应该选择含有识别,认识意思的identify.

  18,词语搭配题.将选项四个词汇带入空格中,可以确定只有organization最合适.organization of the words的意思为语言组织.


  20,语境题.此句表示转折关系,结合上下文中的takes somewhat longer, a minimum of about 0.5 seconds以及a continuous process.,并考察四个选项可以确定选择含有一旦意思的once.

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