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  1. With immense relief,l Stopped running.

  A somehttp://ks.

  B enormous

  C little

  D extensive

  2.The scientists began to accumulate data.

  A collect

  B handle

  C analyze

  D investigate

  3. Jack eventually overtook the last truck.

  A hithttp://ks.

  B passed

  C reached

  D led

  4.Sometimes it is advisable to book hotels in advance.

  A possible

  B profitable

  C easy

  D wise

  5. The reason for their unusual behavior remains a puzzle.

  A fact

  B mystery

  C statement

  D game

  6. That guy is really witty.

  A smart

  B ugly

  C honorable

  D popular

  7. The world champion suffered a sensational defeat.

  A reasonable

  B dramatic

  C humiliating

  D horrifying

  8. It seems that only Mary is eligible for the job.

  A prepared

  B trained

  C qualified

  D guided

  9. This poem depicts.the beautiful scenery of a town in the South.

  A praises

  B writes

  C imitates

  D describes

  10. The meaning is still obscure

  A vague

  B transparent

  C alien

  D significant

  11. Dumped waste might contaminate water supplies.

  A destroy

  B decrease

  C delay

  D pollute

  12. One theory postulates that the ancient Filipinos came from India and Persia.

  A assumes

  B expectshttp://ks.

  C predicts

  D considers

  13.It is very difficult for a child to adhere to rules.

  A remember

  B follow

  C understand

  D learn

  14. I hope that I didn’t do anything absurd last night.

  A awkward

  B strange

  C stupid

  D awful

  15 there should be laws that prohibit smoking around children.

  A forbid

  B advocate

  C inherit

  D withdraw





  What Is Giobalization ?

  It was the anti—globalization movement that really put globalization on the map.As a word it has existed since the 1 960s,but the protests against this allegedly new process,which its opponents condemn as a way of ordering people’S lives,brought globalization out of the financial and academic worlds and into everyday current affairs.()

  In the late 1 980s and early 1 990s.the business model called the“globalized”financial market came to be seen as an entity that could have more than just an economic impact on the parts of the world it touched.Globalization came to be seen as more than simply a way of doing business,or running financial markets—it became a process.From then on the word took on a life of its own.

  So how does the globalized market work? It is modern communications that make it possible;for the British service sector to deal with its customers through a call centre in India,or for a sportswear(运动服)manufacturer to design its products in Europe,make them in south.east Asia and sell them in north America.()

  But this is where the anti—globalization side gets stuck in(关注).If these practices replace domestic economic life with an economy that is heavily influenced or controlled from overseas.then the creation of a globalized economic model and the process of globalization can also be seen as a surrender of power to the corporations,or a means of keeping poorer nations in their place。

  Not everyone agrees that globalization is necessarily evil,or that globalized

  corporations are running the lives of individuals or are more powerful than nations.Some say that the spread of globalization,free markets and free trade into the developing world is the best way to beat poverty—the only problem is that free markets and free ()trade do not yet truly exist.

  Globalization can be seen as a positive,negative or even marginal process.And regardless of whether it works for good or ill,globalization’S exact meaning will continue to be the subject of debate among those who oppose,support or simply observe it。

  16.Globalization is a term used only in the financial and academic worlds.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned()

  17. Globalization can be best understood as a way of doing business.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  18. Modern communications play an important role in globalization.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  19. Britain has benefited quite a lot from globalization.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  20. The opponent believe that globalization will keep the poorer nations in poverty.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  21. The opponents think that globalization corporations have more power than nations.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  22. Free markets and free trade will eventually prevail.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned()




  A New Citizenship Test

  1 Last week a sample of the new US citizenship(公民身份)exam was released by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services(US—CLS ).It will be tried out in 1 0 cities early next year to replace the current test in 2008.Instead of asking how many stripes the USflag has,as the current test does,the new one asks why there are 13 stripes。Instead ofhaving to name the branches of government,an applicant is asked to explain why thereare three.

  2 “The goal is to make it more meaningful.”explains Emilio Gonzalez,director of theUS—CIS。Immigrants who pass it are expected to have a better“understanding and respect”for US civic(公民的)values,Gonzalez says.

  3 The US isn’t the only country dealing with citizenship tests that aim to get a“ sharedcommitment”from immigrants for their adopted country’s“values”,In recent years,Inaddition to the usual requirement of language/work skills and economic status-severalEuropean countries have adopted citizenship tests.Britain introduced a new citizenshiptest last November.In March,a new Dutch law took effect requiring all would—beimmigrants to take a citizenship test.It involved watching a video showing nude(****的)women bathing at beaches and gay(同性恋的)men kissing in public.The aim was toensure that“newcomers will be comfortable with the country’S liberal social mores(风俗)”.

  4 Europe has been known for welcoming immigrants for decades.But,today,the fact is that some immigrants are kept apart from local citizens by culture and they becomehostile to each other.Promoting integration has become a major concern for Europeancountries.after the rioting in Muslim ghettoes(少数民族聚居区)in France and the killingof Dutch public figures by religious extremists.

  5 Officials believe that a person’s attachment to a country can be tested by his or herknowledge of the country.However,some critics say that the changes can do little to helppeople’assimilate(同化)themselves.“Immigration is a culture war today-Is giving a newtest the right way to lessen the accusations in that fight?”says Ali Noorani ,of theMassachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition(难民辩护联盟)

  23 paragraph 2___________

  24 paragraph 3___________

  25 paragraph 4___________

  26 paragraph 5___________

  A. Preparation for taking a citizenship test

  B. Citizenship tests in European counties

  C. Importance of promoting integration

  D. Necessity to know the branches of government

  E. Different On the new citizenship test

  F . Goal of the new citizenship test

  27 The qu~on8inthe new citizenship test are more difficult________.

  28 Would—beimmigrant8totheUS are expected________.

  29 In the Dutch citizenship test all would-be immigrants are required________.

  30 Some people fear that change in the citizenship test will do little________.

  A to know a lot more about the country

  B to watch a video

  C to helpimmignt8 accept the new culture

  D to marry American citizens

  E to do low-skill jobs

  F to answer()




  第一篇Centers of the Great European Cities

  The centers of the great cities of Europe are meeting places by tradition-People gather there to drink coffee and chat late into the night.A mixture of locals and tourists make for an exciting,metropolitan atmosphere.

  Squares,plazas(广场)and arcades(拱廊)form the heart of Europe’s cities.

  Venice in Italy has the Piazza San Marco—a beautiful square surrounded by shops,churches,restaurants and caf6s.In Barcelona,Spain,LaBosqueria is a lively market with hundreds of stalls selling all kinds of goods.London’s Covent Garden is filled with fruit and vegetable stalls by day and musicians,acrobats(杂技演员)and artists by night. The government buildings at the center of many cities often are architecturally impressive. In London,they serve as a beautiful backdrop(背景)to the coffee tables that line the streets and the banks of the Thames.

  These vibrant(有活力的)hearts are the product of centuries of evolution,social historian Joel Garreau told US News and World Report recently.“The reason people think Venice is so great today is you don’t see all the mistakes,”said Garreau-“ Those have all been removed.”Most European cities were laid out before the invention of the car, so bars.restaurants and cafes were near to,people’s homes.Today,the focus of many Europeans’life has moved away from the centers.They live in the suburbs and outskirts,driving to supermarkets to get their supplies.But on a continent where people treasure convention,there are still those who hold onto traditional ways,living and shopping locally.These people.together with tourists,provide the city centers with the reason for existence.

  Coffee culture plays a part in keeping these city centers flourishing .this is Particularly true of Paris whose citizens are famous enthusiastic conversationalists this skill is developed over many hours spent chatting over espressos(浓咖啡)and cigarettes.

  Religion also plays a role in developing sociable atmosphere.People In Roman Catholic countries used to visit the Church on an almost daily basis.Entire communities would gather in the same building and then move out to the markets.cafes and bars In the surrounding streets.An enormous example of this relationship between church and society is the Duomo。The huge marble cathedral in Florence,Italy IS surrounded by bakeries and coffee shops,and caters not only to the tourist crowds,but also the local community.

  31. It can be inferred from the first paragraph that each big city in Europe

  A.has many large squares.

  B.has many very magnificent sky-scrapers.

  C.draws tourists in large numbers every year

  D.has a center where tourists meet their spouses.

  32. Which statement is NOT true of Covent Garden?

  A.It is crowded with people.

  B.It is located in London.

  C.it is filled with stalls.

  D.It is surrounded by shops,churches,restaurants and cafes

  33. Why do people think that Venice is SO great?

  A.Because it is a famous tourist attraction.

  B.Because you can reach anywhere by boat.

  C.Because it is well.known for Its merchants.

  D.Because all the mistakes have been removed.

  34. What are Parisians famous for?

  A.Their pursuit of independence.

  B.Their enthusiasm for conversation.

  C.Their ability to keep the city flourishing.

  D.Their devotion to developing a multiple culture.

  35. The writer cites the Duomo in the last paragraph as an example to illustrate that

  A.there is a tight link between church and society.

  B.all churches are magnificent.

  C.old churches are very popular.

  D.high—rise churches are impressive.

  第二篇 Doubtful Ways to Reduce and Increase Your Weight

  You hear this:“No wonder you are fat.All you ever do is eat.”You feel sad:t “I skip my breakfast and supper.I run every morning and evening.What else can I do?”Basically you can do nothing。Your genes,not your life habits,determine your weight and your body constantly tries to maintain it.

  Albert Stunkard of the University of Pennsylvania found from experiments that,“80 percent of the children of two obese(肥胖的)parents become obese,as compared with no more than 14 percent of the offspring of two parents of normal weight.”

  How can obese people become normal or even thin through dieting? Well,dieting can be effective, but the health costs are tremendous.Jules Hirsch,a research physician at Rockefeller University, did a study of eight fat people。They were given a liquid formula providing 600 calories a day.After more than 1 0 weeks,the subjects lost 45ka on average.But after leaving the hospital,they all regained weight. The results were surprising:by metabolic(新陈代谢的)measurement,fat people who lost large amounts of weight seemed like they were starving.They had psychiatric problems.They dreamed of food or breaking their diet.They were anxious and depressed;some were suicidal.They hid food in their rooms.Researchers warn that it is possible that weight reduction doesn'tresult In normal weight,but in an abnormal state resembling that of starved non—obese people.

  Thin people,however, suffer from the opposjte :They have to make a great effort to gain weight.Ethan Sims,of the University of Vermont,got prisoners to volunteer to gain weight•In four to six months,they ate as much as they could.They succeeded in increasing their weight by 20 to 25 percent。But months after the study ended.they were back to normal weight and stayed there.

  This does not mean that people are completely without hope in controlling their weight.It means that those who tend to be fat will have to constantly baffle their genetic inheritance if they want to significantly lower their weight。the findings also provide evidence for something scientists thought was true—each person has a comfortable weight range.The range might be as much as 9kg.Someone might weigh 60_69kg without too much effort.But going above or below the natural weight range is difficult.The body resists by feeling hungry or full and changing the metabolism to push the weight back to the range it seeks.

  36. What determines your weight?

  A.Your working manner

  B.Your eating habit。

  C.Your life style.http://ks.

  D.Your genes.

  37. What did Jules Hirsch do to the eight fat people in his study?

  A.He let them skip supper

  B.He let them skip breakfast.

  C.He let them run every morning and evening.

  D.He gave them a liquid formula providing 600 calories a day.

  38 .What happened to the eight fat people after they left the hospital?

  A.They went mad.

  B.They killed themselves.

  C.They were back to normal weight.

  D.They attempted suicide.

  39. Ethan Sims made his subjects

  A.battle their genetic inheritance

  B.increase their weight.

  C.suffer from hunger

  D.lower their weight.

  40. What did scientists think was true?

  A.Each person has a fixed weight range.

  B.Each person has a weight range of 9kg.

  C.Each person wants to control his or her weight.

  D.Each person wants to eat to his or her heart’s content

  第三篇 Shaming Punishments

  Last month,James Connolly,a junior at the University of Massachusetts,stood in front of a local police station wearing a toga(长袍)as punishment.

  His crime? He was charged with underage drinking,illegal possession of alcohol and excessive noise while holding a party.

  This shaming punishment has increased in the US in recent years,mostly imposed by local judges for less—serious crimes,such as drunk driving and theft.

  They believe shame is the best petty crime deterrent(威慑).For example,in Tennessee,Judge James McKenzie has made shoplifters(商店货物扒手)stand outside Wal — Mart with signs that read,“I am a thief put here by order of Judge McKenzie”,“Alternative punishments like community service and fines don’t convey moral condemnation(谴责)of the criminal,”said Dan Kahan ,a University of Chicago Law School professor ,in an article published on the university’S website.“They aren’t shameful enough。”

  Shaming punishments are sometimes called Scarlet(红色的)Letter punishments.The name comes from US author Nathaniel Hawthorne’S 1850 novel The Scarlet Letter.In this novel,a woman is forced to wear a scarlet “A”on her clothes as punishment forher adultery(通奸).

  However, University of Iowa law professor Andrew Hosmanek said there is an important difference between the shaming punishments of colonial America and those assigned in states like Tennessee.

  “Early societies often had are— acceptance’ ceremony to welcome the offender back into main society,”says Hosmanek.“Contemporary punishments in America lack this.”

  Supporters of shaming punishment argue that public shaming is a good way of expressing community values。Some judges say shamed offenders seldom repeat their crimes.

  Others aren’t SO sure。“There is little evidence to suggest that shaming punishments are successful in preventing people from committing specific crimes.And a shamed criminal may face a hard battle to regain credibility in society,”said Hosmanek.“So,a shaming punishment may force the offender into more crimes to support himself.”

  Experts also debate shaming punishment’S damage to human dignity.“Since the point is to shame,it's of course degrading(侮辱人格的),”said Linda Malone,director of the Human Rights and National Security Law Programme at William and Mary Law School.

  “US law only prohibits punishment that is‘cruel and unusual’一not‘inhuman and degrading’.it's very difficult for a thief to prove that holding a sign in front of Wal-Mart is ‘cruel and unusual’.”

  41. James Connolly was accused of all the following crimes EXCEPT

  A. illegally possessing alcoh01

  B. smuggling drugs

  C. drinking at an illegal age

  D. making too much noise at a party

  42. Which of the following punishments does NOT morally condemn a criminal?

  A.Holding a sign that announces his or her crime

  B.Publishing his or her name on a website

  C.Apologizing for the crime in front of Wal—Mart

  D.Having to do useful work to help others without being paid

  43. In the novel The Scarlet Letter, a woman is accused of

  A .corruption

  B. bribery

  C. adultery


  44. The word “suggest’ in Paragraph10 could be best replaced by

  A. propose

  B. indicate

  C. assume

  D. explain

  45. What does US law forbid?

  A.Cruel and unusual punishments

  B.lnhuman punishments

  C.Degrading punishments

  D.Shaming punishments


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