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PartjVocabulary and Structureㄗ20 minutesㄘ


DirectionsㄩThere are 30incomplete sentences in this partㄝFor each sentence there are four choices marked AㄘㄛBㄘㄛCㄘand DㄘㄝChoose the ONE answer that best completes the sentenceㄝThen mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centreㄝ


21ㄝThe girl in the photo wears a broad smileㄛher wavy hair _______ over her shouldersㄝ






22ㄝHad she taken her doctor's adviceㄛMrsㄝMarquis _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘmustn't have died

明明Bㄘmight have been alive

明明Cㄘcouldn't die

明明Dㄘmight still be alive


23ㄝThe car manufacturer has laid _______ 1ㄛ000workers because of the drop in salesㄝ






24ㄝJohn's outstanding performance in the competition proved that he was a _______ winnerㄝ






25ㄝNowhere else along the coast _______ such shallow water so far from landㄝ

明明Aㄘis there

明明Bㄘis it

明明Cㄘthere is

明明Dㄘit is


26ㄝThe War Office issued a list of the missingㄛand believed that the chances of finding them were _______ㄝ






27ㄝPaul was so _______ about his baldness that he wore a hatㄛwhether it was winter or summerㄝ 明明Aㄘself-composed





28ㄝSarah put in a special _______ for an extra day's holiday so that she could attend her friend's weddingㄝ






29ㄝLet us take care of the house while you are awayㄛ _______ ˋ

明明Aㄘshan't we

明明Bㄘshall we

明明Cㄘwill you

明明Dㄘdon't you


30ㄝThe manager thought _______ the problem for three days before he finally made the decisionㄝ







31ㄝPatrick has never learned a foreign languageㄛ_______ㄝ

明明Aㄘnor does he think he has to

明明Bㄘneither he thinks he has to

明明Cㄘhe thinks he has not toㄛeither

明明Dㄘhe doesn't think he has to


32ㄝIt is heartening to see millions on the earth who had nothing but a record of misery and hunger _______ the chance to improve their lifeㄝ


明明Bㄘto have


明明Dㄘwho have


33ㄝMrㄝWhite is over eightyㄛbut he still _______ his position as chairman of the board and will not retireㄝ

明明Aㄘgoes in for

明明Bㄘgets on with

明明Cㄘfalls back on

明明Dㄘholds on to


34ㄝI can't find my glovesㄝI must have _______ them on the bus when I came home from schoolㄝ






35ㄝI'm surprised at someone so rich _______ difficulty in paying what he owes youㄝ

明明Aㄘas to have

明明Bㄘwho has no


明明Dㄘthat he has no


36ㄝThe critics considered only the undesirable qualities in the artist's workㄛwhile ignoring or _______ the more desirable onesㄝ






37ㄝWithin the last yearㄛscientists have come closer than ever _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘto deciding which of the questions is right

明明Bㄘto decide which of the questions is right

明明Cㄘdeciding whether the question is right or not

明明Dㄘand decided which of the questions is right


38ㄝHarvard University and MIT are _______ the fourth and fifth largest employers in the areaㄝ






39ㄝYou said the books were on the shelfㄛbut _______ thereㄝ

明明Aㄘthere was no one

明明Bㄘthere were none

明明Cㄘthere were no ones

明明Dㄘwas none


40ㄝHuman facial expressions differ from those of animals in the degree to which they can be _______ controlled and modifiedㄝ






41ㄝI got caught in the traffic˙ _______ I would have been here soonerㄝ






42ㄝExperts believe the large number of cancer cases in the area is _______ the new nuclear power stationㄝ

明明Aㄘresulted from

明明Bㄘconcerned about

明明Cㄘrelated to

明明Dㄘdependent on


43ㄝI'd just as soon _______ those important papers with youㄝ

明明Aㄘthat you won't take

明明Bㄘyour not taking

明明Cㄘyou didn't take

明明Dㄘyou don't take


44ㄝOn New Year's Eveㄛthere was a formwork _______ at the Town Squareㄝ






45ㄝIrish weddings are almost _______ in this way for generationsㄝ

明明Aㄘto be celebrating

明明Bㄘbeing celebrated

明明Cㄘto have celebrated

明明Dㄘto have been celebrated


46ㄝIf reading is to accomplish anything than _______ timeㄛit must be activeㄝ






47ㄝThe decision _______ ㄛthe next problem was how to make a good planㄝ

明明Aㄘhas been made

明明Bㄘwere made

明明Cㄘhaving been made



48ㄝThe newsㄛthough not wholly badㄛwas so _______ that I could no longer concentrate on my workㄝ






49ㄝ"I think Sam is very wiseㄝ""Noㄛhe is _______ wiseㄝ"

明明Aㄘkinder than

明明Bㄘas kind as

明明Cㄘnot so kind as

明明Dㄘmore kind than


50ㄝMary has just bought herself _______ dressㄝ

明明Aㄘan expensive blue cotton

明明Bㄘa cotton blue expensive

明明Cㄘa blue expensive cotton

明明Dㄘa cotton expensive blue


Partk Reading Comprehensionㄗ35minutesㄘ


DirectionsㄩThere are four passages in this partㄝ Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statementsㄝFor each of them there are four choices marked AㄘㄛBㄘㄛCㄘand DㄘㄝYou should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centreㄝ


Passage One


Questions 51 to 55 are based on the following passageㄩ


Statuses are marvelous human inventions that enable us to get along with one another and to determine where we"fit"in societyㄝAs we go about our everyday livesㄛwe mentally attempt to place people in terms of their statusesㄝFor exampleㄛwe must judge whether the person inthe library is a reader or a librarianㄛwhether the telephone caller is a friend or a salesmanㄛwhether the unfamiliar person on our property is a thief or a meter readerㄛand so onㄝ


The statuses we assume often vary with the people we encounter and change throughout lifeㄝMost of us canㄛat very high speedㄛassume the statuses that various situations requireㄝMuch of social interaction consists of identifying and selecting among appropriate statuses and allowing other people to assume their statuses in relation to usㄝThis means that we fit our actions to those of other people based on a constant mental process of appraisal and interpretationㄝAlthough some of us find the task more difficult than othersㄛmost of us perform it rather effortlesslyㄝ


A status has been compared to ready-made clothesㄝWithin certain limits the buyer choose style and fabricㄝBut an American is not free to choose the costume of a Chinese peasant or that of a Hindu princeㄝWe must choose from among the clothing presented by fitㄛas well as by our pocketbookㄝHaving made a choice from minor adjustmentsㄛwe tend to be limited to what the stores choice among them is limitedㄝ


51ㄝIn the first paragraphㄛthe writer tells us that statuses can help us _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘdetermine whether a person is fit fora certain job

明明Bㄘbehave appropriately in relation to other people

明明Cㄘprotect ourselves in unfamiliar situations

明明Dㄘmake friends with other people


52ㄝAccording to the writerㄛpeople often assume different statuses _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘin order to identify themselves with others

明明Bㄘin order to better identify others

明明Cㄘas their mental processes change

明明Dㄘas the situation changes


53ㄝThe word"appraisal"most probably means _______ㄝ






54ㄝIn the last sentence of the second paragraphㄛthe pronoun"it"refers to" _______"ㄝ

明明Aㄘfitting our actions to those of other people appropriately

明明Bㄘidentification of other people's statuses

明明Cㄘselecting one's own statuses

明明Dㄘconstant mental process


55ㄝBy saying that"an American is not free to choose the costume of a Chinese peasant or that of a Hindu prince"ㄛthe writer means _______ㄝ

明明Aㄘdifferent people have different styles of clothes

明明Bㄘready-made clothes may need alterations

明明Cㄘstatuses come ready made just like clothes

明明Dㄘour choice of statuses is limited


Passage Two


Questions 56 to 60 are based on the following passageㄩ


What kind of human being will the future spaceman beˋ


Will he need bones of steel and powerful muscles to resist rocket thrustㄛthe lungs of a glass blowerㄛa mighty heartㄛthe calmness of an acrobatㄛunconscious death urgesㄛor a schizophrenicㄗ遞儕朸煦蹊痌腔ㄘdrove toward isolationˋ Popular ideas of a spaceman tend to be funny composites of fiction and factㄝ


A more realistic portrait emerges from the young science of bioastronauticsㄛthe newest and strangest of medical disciplinesㄝThe astronaut may be described as a young man of high intelligence who is normal to an abnormal degreeㄝOn earth he may well have been a high diverㄛhigh jumperㄛpolevaulterㄛor acrobatㄝHe must be highly motivatedㄛcarefully trainedㄛand he must want to come backㄝ


His heart and lungs must be healthy but need not be exceptionally developedㄛfor his cabin will be pressurizedㄝHuge muscles may actually be disadvantageousㄛfor he will have almost no way to get exerciseㄛand he will find that the strength of a year-old child is adequate in theweightlessness of spaceㄝA firm body and a shortㄛ strong neck will help him to withstandㄗ蕨擇˙冪腕れ#ㄘthe tremendous forces encountered at take-offㄝMost important physicallyㄛhis digestive system must be one that will not be upset by weightlessness˙he must not be subject to motion sicknessㄝ


56ㄝAll the following are popular beliefs about the future spaceman EXCEPT that _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘfaced with isolationㄛhe is brave enough and not liable to go mad

明明Bㄘhe needs to have a strong death complex

明明Cㄘhe must have strong bones and powerful muscles

明明Dㄘhe must be cool-headed


57ㄝWhich of the following is NOT be considered by the author as a more realistic image of the future spacemanˋ

明明AㄘHe must have superior intelligenceㄝ

明明BㄘHe is youngㄝ

明明CㄘHe should have a strong desire to surviveㄝ

明明DㄘHe doesn't get upset easilyㄝ


58ㄝBioastronautics is mostly related to _______ ㄝ


明明Bㄘthe science of medicine


明明Dㄘdisciplines and regulations


59ㄝ"normal to an abnormal degree"ㄗParaㄝ3ㄘmeans _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘseemingly normal but actually abnormal

明明Bㄘso ordinary that he is undistinguished in every way

明明Cㄘextremely healthyㄛand there is nothing abnormal with him

明明Dㄘso normal that no one believes it is true


60ㄝTo the future spacemanㄛwhat is most physically important is that _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘhis vital capacity must be as great at a glass blower's

明明Bㄘhe must have a short and firm neck

明明Cㄘhis heart must be comparatively large

明明Dㄘhis digestive system should not be upset by weightlessness



Passage Three


Questions 61 to 65 are based on the following passageㄩ


With fifteen years Britain and other nations should be well on with the building of huge industrial complexes for the recycling of wasteㄝThe word rubbish could lose its meaning because everything which goes into the dumps would be made into something usefulㄝEven the most dangerous and unpleasant wastes would provide energy if nothing elseㄝ


The latest project is to take a city of around half a million inhabitants and discover exactly what raw materials go into it and what go outㄝThe aim is to find out how much of these raw materials could be provided if a plant for recycling waste were built just outside the cityㄝThis plant would recycle not only metal such as steelㄛlead and copperㄛbut also paper and rubber as wellㄝ


Another new project is being setup to discover the best ways of sorting and separating the rubbishㄝWhen this project is completeㄛthe rubbish will be processed like thisㄩFirstㄛit will pass through sharp metal bars which will tear open the plastic bags in which rubbish is usually packed˙then it will pass through a powerful fan to separate the lightest elements from the heavy solids˙after that founders and rollers will break up everything that can be brokenㄝFinallyㄛthe rubbish will pass under magnetsㄗ棠沺ㄘㄛwhich will remove the bits of iron and steel˙the rubber and plastic will then be sorted out in the final stageㄝ


The first full-scale giant recycling plants are perhaps fifteen years awayㄝIndeedㄛwith the growing cost of transporting rubbish to more distant dumpsㄛsome big cities will be forced to build their own recycling plants before longㄝ


61ㄝThe phrase"should be well on with..."ㄗParaㄝ1ㄘmost probably means _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘhave completed what was started

明明Bㄘget ready to start

明明Cㄘhave achieved a great deal in

明明Dㄘput an end to


62ㄝWhat is NOT mentioned as a part of the recycling process described in paragraph 3ˋ

明明AㄘBreaking up whatever is breakableㄝ

明明BㄘSharpening metal barsㄝ

明明CㄘSeparating light elements from the heavy onesㄝ

明明DㄘSorting out small pieces of metalㄝ


63ㄝWhat's the main reason for big cities to build their own recycling plantsˋ

明明AㄘTo deal with wastes in a better wayㄝ

明明BㄘTo protect the environment from pollutionㄝ

明明CㄘTo get raw materials locallyㄝ

明明DㄘTo get big profits from those plantsㄝ


64ㄝThe first full-scale huge recycling plants _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘbegan to operate fifteen years ago

明明Bㄘwill probably take less than fifteen years to build

明明Cㄘwill be built fifteen years later

明明Dㄘwill probably be in operation in fifteen years


65ㄝThe passage is mainly about _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘa cheap way to get energy

明明Bㄘthe location of recycling plants

明明Cㄘnew ways of recycling wastes

明明Dㄘthe probability of city environment


Passage Four


Questions 66to 70are based on the following passageㄩ


Do you remember last summerㄛwhen furious travelers were pounding on Congress to do something about airline customer serviceˋAirlines promised to improveㄛand they adopted new standards just before ChristmasㄝBut as another summer nearsㄛplenty of experienced travelers don't see much improvement in customer service overallㄝ


This monthㄛthe Department of Transportation'sㄗDOTㄘinspector general's office will issue its first critical article on whether airlines are honoring their promisesㄝOne survey suggests problemsㄩThe number of complaints to the DOT about the top 10 airlines in the first quarter soared 89ㄔfrom a year agoㄝ


Hit last summer by passenger complaints and the threat of consumer-protection laws by Congressㄛ14 carriers voluntarily agreed to adopt a set of basic customer-service standards called Customers FirstㄝFrom immediate refunds to truthful reservation agents to toilets that flush during onboard delaysㄛthe"12 commitments" to passengers were introduced as a major effort to improve serviceㄝSince thenㄛairlines have been redesigning websitesㄛretraining employees and upgrading technologyㄝ


RecentlyㄛDOT inspector general Kenneth Meadㄛat McCain's requestㄛsent 20 examiners to airports to document whether each airline is doing what it promisedㄛMead cautions travelers shouldn't expect too muchㄝMost of the promises are aimed at better communication with customersㄛnot problems free flightsㄝ


"We think passengersㄛboth business and leisureㄛperceive travel as more of a quarrel these daysㄛ"spokeswoman Shelly Sasson saysㄝ"Some of this is perceptionㄛbut a lot is realityㄝ""And when improvements are madeㄛit takes a long time for them to be noticed"ㄛshe saysㄝ


Nowㄛthe efforts may be workingㄝDuring the first quarterㄛDelta had the second-lowest rate of complaints among the top 10carriersㄝStillㄛits rateㄛalong with other carriers'ㄛis up from last yearㄝMcCain and other lawmakers say new consumer protection laws aren't out of the question if the industry's voluntary program doesn't workㄝ


66ㄝThe passage tells us that _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘpassenger complaints increase though airlines have taken steps to improve air service

明明Bㄘpassenger complaints decrease for airlines have taken steps to improve air service

明明Cㄘair service has been improved greatly though it is hard to notice by passengers

明明Dㄘair service needs improving badly as the results of passenger complaints


67ㄝWhich of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage ˋ

明明AㄘGovernment has sent officials to check any improvement the air service airlines have madeㄝ明明BㄘSome people suggest passengers show more understanding to airlines about their efforts to better air serviceㄝ

明明CㄘTo improve air service doesn't mean that there will no longer be any deficiencies in air travelingㄝ

明明DㄘIt is thought that passengers should be patient when they are waiting for any improvement made by airlinesㄝ


68ㄝWhich of the following statements is closest in meaning to the sentence"Some of this is perceptionㄛbut a lot is realityㄝ"ˋㄗParaㄝ5ㄘ

明明AㄘSome people's complaints about air service are rather subjectiveㄛbut most people's are fairly objectiveㄝ

明明BㄘWhen people travel by airㄛthey usually quarrelㄛwhich is a fact passengers all seeㄝ

明明CㄘSome people take a biased view on air service because they don't see factsㄝ

明明DㄘMost people saw factsㄛbut a few people failedㄝ


69ㄝThe author has written the last paragraph mainly to mean _______ ㄝ

明明Aㄘthe rate of complaints is going up in all airlines in spite of the efforts they made

明明Bㄘimprovements some airlines have made are not effectiveㄛwhich leads to more complaints

明明Cㄘthere may be a need to pass laws to improve airline customers service

明明Dㄘsome people are too aggressive when complaining about air service though airlines have made great efforts on it


70ㄝIn paragraph 1ㄛthe phrase"pounding on" means" _______"ㄝ

明明Aㄘstriking at



明明Dㄘsoundings with loud noises


Part IV Clozeㄗ15 minutesㄘ


DirectionsㄩThere are 20 blanks in the following passageㄝFor each blank there are four choices marked AㄘㄛBㄘㄛCㄘand DㄘㄝYou should choose the ONE that best fits into the passageㄝThen mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centreㄝ


AIDS threatens not only lives but also- in poor countries-economic developmentㄝBy明明71明明mainly at adults 20 to 49 years oldㄛ AIDS robbs these societies明明72明 some of their most productive citizensㄝIgnorance and fear of disease the can disrupt families and communities and may even明明73明 political relations between nationsㄝ


Because AIDSis a worldwide epidemicㄗ換噙﹝玻儽赲﹝岡歪othing明明74明 than a worldwide effort can control and perhaps some day wipe the diseaseㄝGovernments must明明75明 by fully informing their citizens明明76明 the epidemic andㄛmost importantㄛby telling people明明77明 actions they can take to prevent infectionㄗ覜麾岡娑ublic health agencies must also insure that blood transfusionsㄗ怀悛ㄘ and明明78明 are safeㄝThose already infected should receive明明79明 attention so they do not spread the virus to othersㄝ


明 80明 ㄛthe UㄝSㄝgovernment has committed more than two billion dollars to fight明明81明 AIDS in 1989-including more than 600million dollars for researchㄝThe screening of blood明明82明 has already ensured the safety of blood supplies in the UㄝSㄝㄛand American military personnel are required to take明明83明明blood testsㄝPublic health groups have carried明明84明 AIDS education programs aimed particularly at homosexualsㄛ明 85明 addictsㄛand others whose behavior makes them highly sus- ceptibleㄗ眢忳荌砒腔ㄘ明 86明 the virusㄝ UㄝSㄝgovernment agencies are also明明87明明public health authorities throughout the developing world in their efforts to明明88明 the spread of the AIDS virus and to treat those afflicted with the diseaseㄝ明 89明 the rapid spread of the disease and the number of people now infectedㄛthe battle against AIDS will bedifficult to winㄝBut it's a battle the world cannot明明90明 to loseㄝ


71ㄝAㄘstriking明明 Bㄘsticking明明明Cㄘstirring明明 Dㄘstinging


72ㄝAㄘfrom明明明明 Bㄘfor明明明明明 Cㄘof明明明明明 Dㄘoff


73ㄝAㄘpromote明明明Bㄘdestroy明明明 Cㄘstrengthen明明Dㄘstrain


74ㄝAㄘless明明明明 Bㄘmore明明明明明Cㄘrather明明明明Dㄘbetter




76ㄝAㄘon明明明明明 Bㄘagainst明明明 Cㄘabout明明明明明Dㄘover




78ㄝAㄘindications明Bㄘintroductions Cㄘinfections明明 Dㄘinjections


79ㄝAㄘdirect明明明 Bㄘimmediate明明 Cㄘvertical明明明 Dㄘstraight


80ㄝAㄘAt明明明明明 BㄘFor明明明明明 CㄘIn明明明明明明 DㄘOn




82ㄝAㄘdevotions明明Bㄘdonations明明 Cㄘdelegations明明Dㄘdedications


83ㄝAㄘoccasional明 Bㄘordinary明明明Cㄘtraditional明明Dㄘregular


84ㄝAㄘover明明明明 Bㄘout明明明明明 Cㄘon明明明明明明 Dㄘoff


85ㄝAㄘdrug明明明明 Bㄘmedicine明明明Cㄘdrink明明明明明Dㄘtea


86ㄝAㄘat明明明明明 Bㄘfor明明明明明 Cㄘagainst明明明明Dㄘto


87ㄝAㄘassorting明明Bㄘresisting明明 Cㄘinsisting明明明Dㄘassisting


88ㄝAㄘprotect明明明Bㄘfight明明明明 Cㄘcombat明明明明 Dㄘdeal




90ㄝAㄘface明明明明 Bㄘconfront明明明Cㄘafford明明明明 Dㄘmeet



Part V Writingㄗ30 minutesㄘ


DirectionsㄩFor this partㄛyou are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic To Be Busy Or To Be Idle ㄝYou should write at least 100wordsㄛand base your composition on the outlineㄗgiven in Chineseㄘbelowㄩ










Part II Vocabulary and Structure


21ㄝC 22ㄝD 23ㄝD 24ㄝB 25ㄝA 26ㄝD 27ㄝB 28ㄝD 29ㄝC 30ㄝC 31ㄝA 32ㄝC 33ㄝD 34ㄝA 35ㄝC 36ㄝB37ㄝA 38ㄝB39ㄝB40ㄝA 41ㄝD 42ㄝC 43ㄝC 44ㄝD 45ㄝD 46ㄝB 47ㄝC 48ㄝA49ㄝD 50ㄝA


Part III Reading Comprehension


51ㄝB 52ㄝD 53ㄝC 54ㄝA 55ㄝD 56ㄝA 57ㄝD 58ㄝB 59ㄝB60ㄝD 61ㄝC 62ㄝB63ㄝA 64ㄝD 65ㄝC 66ㄝA 67ㄝD 68ㄝA69ㄝC 70ㄝB


Part IV Cloze


71ㄝA 72ㄝC 73ㄝD 74ㄝA 75ㄝA 76ㄝC 77ㄝB 78ㄝD 79ㄝB80ㄝB81ㄝC 82ㄝB83ㄝD 84ㄝB85ㄝA 86ㄝD 87ㄝD 88ㄝC 89ㄝD 90ㄝC


Part V WritingㄗFor reference onlyㄘ


To Be Busy Or To Be Idle


Many people we know prefer to live a busy lifeㄝ They enjoy making tight schedules and doing everything in a hurryㄝThey simply like the feeling of being totally engaged in their workㄝThey often stick to one principleㄩ work hard and play hardㄝ


Stillㄛthere are other people who find greatfun in an idle lifeㄝThey hate to hurry all the timeㄛarguing that they take their time just to reach high efficiencyㄝIn factㄛ mostofthem are productive despite their loose schedulesㄛ and only a few live a non productive lifeㄝFeeling empty at heartㄛthey killtime in various waysㄝ


I agree with the workㄜhardㄜandㄜplayㄜhard principle because only in this way can we complete our work in time and be able to relax after a good days work

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