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  1.It +被动语态+ that…

  1)It is widely acknowledged ( recognized ) that extensive deforestation contributed to heavy summer flooding.

  2)It is reported that 800000 applicants sat for the National Master’s Entrance Test in 2003.

  3)It is estimated that two thirds of the cities of our countries will be in acute shortage of fresh water by 2010.

  4)It is generally accepted that to practise euthanasia on a patient who is still alive is inhuman.

  5)It must be admitted that the price war will disturb the normal order of the market. (admittedly)

  6)It cannot be denied that the overgrowth of tourism may destroy the ecological balance of some scenic resorts.

  7)It is known to all that physical exercises can improve and enrich our physical and mental well-being.

  2.It is +形容词+ that…(形容词+ly,也可)

  1)It is obvious ( evident, clear, undeniable, apparent) that the situation is caused directly by excessive commercial fishing.

  2)It is understandable(inevitable) that people’s attitudes are divergent on this controversial issue.

  3)It is unimaginable (incredible/unbelievable) that such a boy of 17 should have had three novels published.

  3.It is +形容词+ for sb (sth ) to do sth

  1)It is important (vital) for everyone to participate in physical exercises, for they will do good not only to our body but also to our mind and personality.

  2)It is currently difficult for a university student to find an ideal job upon his graduation, especially those majoring in fundamental courses such as history and mathematics.

  3)It is highly necessary for our government to stop the corruption of government officials.

  4)It is imperative that something urgent be done to combat the widespread use of illegal drugs among teenagers.


  1)With the rapid growth of economy, the living standards of the Chinese people have greatly improved. Many of them can now afford to buy houses and cars.

  2)With the growing number of college graduates being turned out each year, the situation in the job market is getting tighter and tighter.


  4)As industry and agriculture develops, the problem of water shortage will be the more serious.

  5)As the reform process of state enterprises speeds up, more and more workers are likely to be laid off, entering the competition in job market.


  5.There be句型

  1)In the past ten years there has been a marked decline in the number of young married couples who want to have children.

  2)Recently, there has been a strong debate on whether human beings should be cloned.

  3)There are still quite a number of children who cannot afford to go to school because of poverty.

  4)As the Internet industry develops, there will be more and more people surfing on the web.

  5)Now there is a growing concern over the heavy burden, both academic and psychological, our children have to bear.

  6)There is no doubt that space exploration will greatly influence our way of life and way of thinking.

  7)There is no need for people to worry about the possible effects of donating blood.


  1)The pictures indicate that there has been significant changes in the ways of communication in the last 30 years.

  2)By showing…, the examiner tries to convey the message that…

  3)Through the pictures the author tries to warn us of the serious problem of endangered animals.

  4)The purpose of this picture is to show us that due attention has to be paid to the diminution of ocean resources.

  5)The cartoon describes a very common phenomenon in our society that….

  6)The cartoon ridicules/criticizes some producers and companies that often make empty promises in the advertisement of their products.

  7)The picture reveals a serious problem in public examinations----hiring ringers, those who take tests for others.

  8)It can be seen in the picture that two cars collided and the two drivers were quarreling with each other.

  9)As shown/illustrated/can be seen/depicted/described in the picture, a number of TV manufacturers are in fierce price cut competition to enlarge their share of market.

  10)At the upper part of the picture there are some Chinese characters, which reads“Like a lamp love burns most brightly in the darker places.”



  1)From the figures given in the graphs, we learn that the average housing space for city residents increased to 10 square meters in 2000.

  2)As is shown in the table, there exists a big difference between the life expectance in the developed countries and that in the developing countries.

  3)According to the charts, China’s higher education has been developing rapidly with the growth of the gross domestic product.

  4)The number of single people establishing their own households reached/hit 14 percent in 2000.

  5)From the table we can see that within half a year of 1998, a total of 532 people became the victims of traffic accidents, of whom 460 were injured and 72 killed.

  6)From the graph we can see that there were a total of 142 fire accidents in the city in 1999, most of which were caused by defective electrical appliances, smokers and children playing with fire.

  7)From the chart we learn that the proportion of part-time education has increased substantially in the last 5 years.

  8)The curve graph shows that the percentage of family income has declined sharply, accounting for only 13 percent of the total.

  9)Forest coverage was reduced from 28 percent of total land area in 1954 to 12 percent in 1998.

  10)There is a sharp increase in the expenses on housing and medical care, increasing by 8% and 6% respectively.

  11)Asia ranks first both in area and in population among the seven continents. Europe is second to Asia in population, but in area it is the last but one.

  12)The number of death and injury was more than 3 times greater than that of the July.

  13)And in August as many as 39 car accidents were reported, indicating an increase of about 79 percent as compared with the number of January.

  14)The population rose rapidly until it reached 600 000 in 1990. Since 1990 the growth has continued but the population has risen relatively slowly.

  15)Before 1970 the birth rate remained level. Then in 1970 it fell until it reached 30 per thousand in 1930.

  16)After a steady decline for a whole decade the country’s fertility rate shows signs of leveling off.



  make+形容词+for sb to do sth

  1)The widespread introduction of information technology will make our work and life more convenient and more beautiful.

  2)Most importantly, we should increasingly heighten our environmental awareness and make our world a better place to live in.

  3)Modern transportation means make it very convenient for people to travel far away from home.

  4)Advanced medical science has made it possible for human beings to lead a much longer life and suffer less from different kinds of diseases.

  9.so that句型

  1)They are so eager to master new skills so that they can be qualified to the job market.

  2)There are so many people, bicycles, cars in the streets that you will sometimes feel it difficult to move along.


  1)Some people may be addicted to netsurfing, which impairs their physical and mental health.

  2)Lakes and rivers are becoming seriously polluted, which aggravates (worsens) the shortage of fresh water.

  3)The increasingly high divorce rate will cause a series of problems, which deserves great public attention.


  1)People, not realizing that water resources on the earth are limited, waste a great amount of water every day.

  2)Citizens have the right to know the truth and supervise the celebrity, thus forming a kind of public opinion.

  3)Having placed great expectations on their son, they couldn’t hold back huge disappointment and anger when they learnt their son’s failure to pass the test.

  4)With the improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to buy cars to meet the needs of work and life, thereby worsening the traffic problems.


  1)I love my parents because they give me life, have sacrificed a lot in bringing me up, and are always there for me whenever I need them.

  2)Most men would like their spouses to be young and beautiful whereas women often put emphasis on their spouses’character, education, profession, income or family background.

  3)I realized I’d grown up when I knew I should be responsible for my own actions, make decisions for myself, and work to earn my own living expenses.



  1)There are a number of causes for the great increase in divorce rate in our country.

  2)In general, there are two main reasons leading to the prevalence of the cheating in exams.

  3)Three are several factors contributing to the booming of China’s higher education.

  4)Several reasons/factors are responsible for/may account for/contribute to the coming back of many Chinese overseas students.

  5)Its popularity is due to/results from/is caused by/can be attributed to the clean and comfortable environment and the excellent service.


  1)Thus, for some students, cheating, though risky, is absolutely a shortcut to get a satisfying academic evaluation.

  2)As for(as to) the society, the 7-day holiday well serves the purpose of stimulating consumption and promoting the development of tourism.


  1)When it comes to whether college students should be involved in business activities, there are different opinions.

  2)When it comes to individuals, no matter what reasons drive them to buy lottery tickets, they actually contribute to the society by lending a helping hand to unfortunate people and to the development of sports in our country.

  3)As far as I’m concerned you can do what you like.

  4)The rise in interests rates will be disastrous as far as small firms are concerned.


  1)It goes without saying that the love of beauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature.

  2)The fast growth of space exploration will undoubtedly influence our way of life and way of thinking.

  3)It must be admitted that the price war will disturb the normal order of the market.

  4)Admittedly, there are advanced research environment and better living conditions in developed countries, and students from developing countries can not resist the temptation of earning more salary in the west.

  5)No one can deny that E-economy has great potentials and advantages in many aspects.

  6)There is no denying the fact that money is indispensable to us in the consuming society.


  1)Though it is a very difficult task, we should try all means to bring the birth rate under control.

  2)In spite of what has been achieved in controlling the birthrate, there is much to be desired.

  3)They had a wonderful holiday, despite the bad weather.


  1)With money, they can buy cars, houses and many luxuries, and lead a comfortable life.

  2)With private cars, people are able to enjoy their leisure time to the full by making trips in their cars to the countryside or seaside at the weekends.

  3)Without adequate latest information necessary in his work, one will achieve no success in his career.



  1)However, some people consider mankind’s exploration into the space as a waste of time, money and resources.

  2)In spite of these arguments, there are those who see(view) it as a hasty decision, which has some potential problems.

  3)A doctor should look on (regard/think of) his work not as a money-making business, but rather as a social service.


  1)There are different opinions on (People have different ideas about / Different people may hold different views about) whether firecrackers should be banned.

  2)Recently, there has been a heated debate(discussion) over whether or not sports stars can go to college or graduate school without taking the entrance exams.

  3)The issue of whether or not students should take a part time job has been widely debated currently.

  4)University merger, a hot topic on and off campus, is obviously a controversial problem.

  5)Views on the issue in question vary widely from person to person.

  6)Quite a lot of people hold/claim/argue/advocate/suggest that owning private cars is of great benefit, while others say/assume/maintain/stress that there may be problems with the increasing number of private cars.

  7)On the surface of it, the above arguments seem nice and convincing, but on second thoughts, we may find that they can hardly hold water.

  8)From the above discussion, I think that both sides of the argument are right in some way. However, I would like to take a more neutral position.

  9)There is some truth in these arguments, but they overlook a deeper and more basic factor that…

  10)Some people believe that international sport creates goodwill between the nations and that if countries play games together they will learn to live together. Others say that the opposite is true: that international contests encourage false national pride and lead to misunderstanding and hatred. There is probably some truth in both arguments, but it is still my strong conviction that…

  11)It is true that money can bring us a comfortable life, but it is not the only thing that we are seeking after.

  12)As far as the personal insurance in China is concerned, I think, there is bound to be a bright future.

  13)As to the role of information in the future, I believe that it will play a more and more important role in the modern society.

  14)As for their differences, my opinion is that both generations should make allowance for each other.

  15)Personally, I am in favor of education entering market since it is a service industry.

  16)To my mind, we should attach great importance to the balanced ecology and well-protected environment.

  17)I strongly suggest that the first priority should be given to education because science and technology are the prime productive force.


  1)Just as woods are indispensable to birds, so is the earth to human beings.

  2)As far as personality is concerned, they have almost everything in common.

  3)My hobby is similar to his in that we both like collecting records, foreign and domestic.

  4)As the economies of all countries are closely interrelated no country can develop in self-seclusion. The same is true of China.

  5)Beijing is populous and crowded, while Canberra is just the opposite.

  6)China’s condition differs from ours in that China has the largest population in the world.

  7)It seems safe to say that the advantages of marriage outweigh the disadvantages of divorce.

  8)Perhaps nothing can rival the pleasure from reading.

  9)There could be no doubt that job-hopping has its drawbacks as well as merits.

  10)Men may be superior to women in physical affairs. Yet, there is no difference in intelligence.

  11)People’s attitude towards drugs varies from person to person.


  1)As long as we act intelligently and promptly, we can surely solve the problem of water shortage.

  2)As long as we take effective measures, the problems caused by the aged society will be reduced to the smallest extent.

  3)As long as the government and individuals strive hard, there will certainly be a way out for the laid-off workers.

  4)Whatever changes are responsible for the rise in divorce rate, one thing is certain: there is a significant change in people’s traditional views of marriage and divorce.

  5)In short(In a word/All in all/To sum up), great efforts should be made to enhance ethic and moral education when high priority is given to the economic development.

  6)It is only when these measures are put into practice that the shortage of water can be solved.

  7)Only when the old age problem is well handled can we maintain a stable and harmonious society.

  8)If people from all walks of life pay enough attention to this problem, our life in the city will certainly be more enjoyable.

  9)Judging from all evidence offered, we can safely come to the conclusion that coeducation is beneficial to the psychological and intellectual growth of both boy and girl students.

  10)From what has been discussed above, we may come to(arrive at/reach/draw) the conclusion that the city is a better place for children’s education.

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