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  10、 论述文框架


  Directions: Write a speech on the opening of a conference of no less than 120 words. In your speech, you should:1、进行自我介绍,2、详细介绍大会内容,3、结束语。

  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Beijing! To begin with, I would like to make a brief introduction to myself. I am the president of Motorola (China) Electronics Ltd.

  The following is my introduction to the conference. First, it is my great honor to be here with all of you and declare open the Conference of International Trade Cooperation. Second, on behalf of our company, I would like to express my heartfelt welcome to all the guests and delegates. Last, I believe our cooperative efforts are sure to be productive.

  I wish all of you enjoy yourselves during this conference and hope the above information will help you. If you have any question for me, please feel free to ask at any time. Thank you for your attention.


  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter applying for a position of a company. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:1、申请职位,2、简要介绍自己的情况,3、期待回信。

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I am senior from the Department of Business Administration of Beijing University. I am writing the letter in purpose of applying for admission into your esteemed institution/your recently advertised position for a staff member.

  I am sure that I am qualified for it. First, enclosed with this letter is my resume, which further details my previous academic qualifications and work experience. Second, not only do my qualifications and experience make me a perfect candidate for it, my cheerful personality is well suited to studying in your prestigious university/working as a staff member. Last, my hobbies include sports and music.

  Words fail me when I try to express my heartfelt gratitude to the help you rendered me. Your prompt and favorable attention to my inquiry would be highly appreciated.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming


  Directions: You want to invite some friends to a party. Write an invitation letter to them individually:1、邀请参加晚会,2、说明举办晚会的原因,3、将安排哪些活动。

  Dear Wangcai,

  I am greatly honored to formally invite you to participate in Mr. Old Fish’s wedding ceremony with Ms. Fujiwora to be held at Beijing Grand Hotel from 8 to 10 p.m. on April 1, 2007.

  As you are a close friend of us, we would very much like you to attend the celebration and share our joy. The occasion will start at seven o’clock in the evening, with the showing of their wedding ceremony. This will be followed by a dinner party. At around ten, we will hold a small musical soiree, at which a band will perform some works by Bach and Strauss.

  If you do not have any prior appointment on April 1, we look forward to the pleasure of your company.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming



  Directions: Write of resume of yourself of no less than 120 words. In it, you should:1、说明姓名、地址、联系方式、求职目标,2、教育背景、工作经历、资历,3、所获奖励、特长,以及个人资料。


  Li Ming

  P. O. Box 237, Beijing University

  5, Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100871

  Tel: 62768888 Email: liming@163.com

  Career Objective: A position with management potential in the

  banking business specializing in international corporate financing

  Educational Background:

  Sept 2003 to Beijing University

  July 2007 Major in International Business Management

  Main courses include English,

  computer,Business Management, Accounting, International Commercial Law

  Work Experience:

  July 2006 to Bank of China

  June 2007 Internship, Secretary to Deputy Manager of Marketing

  Draft business correspondence

  Schedule deputy manager’s appointments

  Qualifications: University graduation certificate and

  bachelor degree to be conferred upon graduation (2007)

  College English Test Band 4 June 2005

  Honors & Awards: Twice awarded scholarship by Beijing

  University 2005& 2006

  Special Skills: Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel

  Ability to work independently

  Outstanding Organizational skills

  Experience: President of Student Union 2003-present

  Personal Data: Date of Birth: Sep. 17, 1984

  Gender: Female

  Marital Status: Unmarried



  Directions: The Students’ Union of your department is planning a Chinese Speaking Contest. Write an announcement which covers the following information:1、比赛目的、时间、地点,2、参赛者的要求,3、裁判和奖励的细节。

  You should write about 120 words. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use Department of Chinese Language and Literature at the end of the announcement.

  Chinese Speaking Contest

  December 22, 2007

  To improve students’ ability to speak Chinese and enrich after-class activities, the Students’ Union of Department of Chinese Language and Literature is organizing a school-wide Chinese speaking contest to be held on Saturday next week (29 December) at the Students’ Auditorium. Those who are interested in taking part in it may sign up with the monitor of their classes before Tuesday next week. Five professors will be invited to be judges. The first six winners will be given awards. Everybody is welcome to be present at the contest.

  The Students’ Union

  Department of Chinese Language and Literature

  6.就 业:

  Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Jobs for Graduates. You should write at least 120 words and base your composition on the outline below:1、大学生难找工作,2、原因很多,3、解决的办法。

  Job hunting has always been a headache for college students. Though many graduates are employed right after graduation, some are not. Most serious of all, some still have no idea where to go working even a long time after graduation.

  The reasons for this phenomenon are various. On the one hand, a few years ago colleges and universities enrolled so many students in popular majors, such as economy, finance and so on that the number of graduates was greater than the need in the market. On the other hand, most graduates would rather stay in large cities without suitable job to do than go to the country.

  I reckon this problem can be solved if both colleges and students take measures. First, they should research the market and develop special skills to suit its need. Second, students’ attitude towards employment should be changed. They should go to small cities and country. There they can also give full play to their professional knowledge. In a word, if we pay much attention, the situation can be improved.


  Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic My Views on Examinations. You should write at least 120 words and base your composition on the outline below:1、大学都用考试来衡量学生的成绩,2、考生可能带来的副作用,3、我对考试的看法。

  In most colleges and universities the examination is used as a chief means of deciding whether a student succeeds or fails in mastering a particular subject. Although it does the job quite efficiently, its side effects are also enormous.

  To begin with, examinations lower the standards of teaching. Since teachers are often judged by examination results, they are reduced to training their students in exam techniques. No subjects can be taught successfully merely through being approached with intent to take examinations. In addition, the most undesirable effect is that examinations encourage bad study habits. As the examination score is the only criterion for his academic performance, a student is driven to memorize mechanically rather than to think creatively.

  In fact, few of us admit that examinations can contribute anything really important to the students’ academic development. If that is the case, why cannot we make a change and devise something more efficient and reliable than examinations?


  Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic My Favorite Novel. You should write at least 120 words and base your composition on the outline below:1、我最喜爱的小说,2、该小说的内容,3、我为什么喜爱。

  My favorite novel is Around the World in Eighty Days which is written by Jules Verne. The author was born in France and devoted himself to literature and wrote several scientific romances, which gained him the name——Father of Modern Science Fiction.

  This is a book of science fiction which tells us an exciting story about an English gentleman, Mr. Phileas Fogg, who makes a bet with his clubmates and manages to travel around the world in eighty days. It gives us a vivid description of the many difficulties and incidents which happen on his journey.

  From this story, we can see the author’s deep love for the sea, travel and adventure, which played a vital role in his life. We are also astonished and convinced by his fertile imagination and scientific and geographical knowledge.


  Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic The most unforgettable Person I ever Know. You should write at least 120 words and base your composition on the outline below:1、我生活中最难忘的人是,2、为什么他(或她)令我难以忘怀,3、结论。

  In my life I have met a great many people who are really worth recalling. But perhaps the most unforgettable person I ever know is my English teacher.

  What frequently brings back memories of my school teacher is his special qualities. First and foremost, he gave us the greatest gift a teacher can offer—an awakening of a passion for learning. He not only led us to an appreciation of the beauty and perfection of English language and literature, but also aroused our great interest in exploring something deeper in this field. Furthermore, I was attracted by his lively wit. I remember that we students always anticipated his class with great eagerness because his lecture were humorously delivered, never failing to provoke chuckles or loud laughs.

  Although it is nearly two years since I attended his last class, he is the talk of our old classmates, and I know part of him has already stayed in my heart.


  Owing to the speedy economic development, the number of people who…has considerably increased/declined. It is universally acknowledged that … plays a crucial role in modern society.

  Due attention has to be paid to the issue of…. With the reform and opening-up in recent decades,people in mounting numbers have come to realize the significance of …. If we let this situation continue as it is, we do not know where humans will be in the forthcoming future.

  Accordingly, it is imperative for us to take drastic measures. To begin with, we should appeal to the authorities to make strict laws to …. In addition, we should cultivate the awareness of people that … is essential to us. Only in this way can we reverse this disturbing trend illustrated above.

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