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  Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure 15%

  Directions: There are fifteen incomplete sentences in the following.For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D.Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence.

  ()1.Can youwho has lost the watch?

  A.look for B.look up

  C.find D.find out

  ()2.I dont know if hetomorrow.If hetomorrow,please ring me up.

  A.comes; comesB.will come; will come

  C.will come; comes D.comes; will come

  ()3.Isnecessary to complete the design before National Day?

  A.this B.that C.it D.he

  ()4.All but onehere just now.

  A.is  B.was

  C.has been D.were

  ()5.The singer and the dancercome to the meeting.

  A.has   B.haveC.areD.is

  ()6.I dont thinkpossible to master a foreign language without much memory work.

  A.this B.that C.its D.it

  ()7.Who is it updecide whether to go or not?

  A.to to B.for for

  C.to for D.for to

  ()8.We obey him,we are afraid of him,we honor and love him.

  A.not for; but for B.not that; but that

  C.not as; but asD.not since; but since

  ()9.Id his reputation with other farmers and business people in the community,and then make a decision about whether or not to approve a loan.

  A.take into account B.account for

  C.make up for D.make out

  ()10.Every culture has developedfor certain kinds of food and drink,and equally strong negative attitudes toward others.

  A.preferences B.expectations

  C.fantasies D.fashions

  ()11.The meaning of the sentence is;you can interpret it in several ways.

  A.skeptical B.intelligible

  C.ambiguous D.exclusive

  ()12.Before we move,we shouldsome of the old furniture,so that we can have more room in the new house.

  A.discard B.dissipate

  C.cancel D.conceal

  ()13.Without any hesitation,she took off her shoes,up her skirt and splashed across the stream.

  A.tucked B.revolved

  C.twisted D.curled

  ()14.In todays class,the students were asked totheir mistakes on the exam paper and put in their possible corrections.

  A.cancel B.omit

  C.extinguish D.erase

  ()15.Some researchers feel that certain people have nervous systems particularly to hot,dry winds.They are what we call weather sensitive people.

  A.subjective B.subordinate

  C.liable D.vulnerable


  Ⅱ.Close 20%

  Directions: There is one passage with blanks in this part.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C,and D.Choose the ONE that best fills in the blank.

  Most people have no idea of the hard work.One of the questions that is always asked of me is1I became an animal collector in the first2.

  The answer is that I have always been interested in animals and zoos.According to my parents,the first word I was able to say with any3was not the conventional “mamma” or “daddy”,4the word “zoo”,which I would5over and over again with a shrill6until someone,in order to7me up,would take me to the zoo.When I8a little older,we lived in Greece and I had a great9of pets,ranging from owls to seahorses,and I spent all my spare time10the countryside in search of fresh specimens to11to my collection of pets.

  12on I went for a year to the City Zoo,as a student13,to get experience of the large animals,such as lions,bears,bison and ostriches,14were not easy to keep at home.When I left,I15had enough money of my own to be able to16my first trip and I have been going17ever since then.Though a collectors job is not an easy one and is full of18,it is certainly a job which will appeal19all those who love animals and20.

  ()1.A.how B.where C.when D.whether

  ()2.A.region B.field C.place D.case

  ()3.A.clarity B.emotion C.sentiment D.affection

  ()4.A.except B.but C.except for D.but for

  ()5.A.recite B.recognize C.read D.repeat

  ()6.A.volume B.noise C.voice D.pitch

  ()7.A.close B.shut C.stop D.comfort

  ()8.A.grew B.was growing C.grow D.grown

  ()9.A.many B.amount C.number D.supply

  ()10.A.living B.cultivating C.reclaiming D.exploring

  ()11.A.increase B.include C.add D.enrich

  ()12.A.later B.further C.then D.subsequently

  ()13.A.attendant B.keeper C.member D.aide

  ()14.A.who B.theyC.of which D.which

  ()15.A.luckily B.gladly C.nearly D.successfully

  ()16.A.pay B.provide C.allow D.finance

  ()17.A.normally B.regularly C.usually D.often

  ()18.A.expectations B.sorrows C.excitement D.disappointments

  ()19.A.forB.with C.to D.from

  ()20.A.excursion B.travel C.journey D.trip


  Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension 36%

  Directions: There are four passages in this part.Each passage is followed by several questions and unfinished sentences.For each of them there are several choices.You should decide the BEST ONE.

Passage One

  It was a very hot summer morning,but inside the Pyramid it was quite cool.Tom and his classmates had just walked into the Pyramid and were very surprised to see what it was like.

  They went to the Queens Room.They saw a passage.At the end of it there was a small room.They were told that they couldnt go into that room,because it was newly found.Tom looked towards the passage.Two of his friends Jason and Peter saw him and said “Dont get into trouble,Tom!”.As soon as nobody was looking,Tom went up the dark passage,opened the door and walked in.Suddenly the door closed behind him.The room was very dark,but luckily Tom had brought a torch with him.When he turned it on,he saw two white faces in front of him.“Oh,no!” he cried and ran to the door.He quickly opened it and went down the passage to the Queens Room as fast as he could.

  As soon as Tom disappeared,Jason and Peter took the pieces of white cloth off their faces and walked slowly down the passage.They couldnt stop laughing.“That will teach him a lesson”, said Jason.

  ()1.Why did Jason and Peter say “Dont get into trouble,Tom!”?

  A.Because they knew that Tom was thinking of getting into that small room.

  B.Because Tom had got into trouble earlier that day.

  C.Because Tom was very much afraid.

  D.Because they were not good friends.

  ()2.What did Tom do when the door closed behind him?

  A.He was afraid and cried loudly.

  B.He waited quietly in the dark.

  C.He turned on his torch.

  D.He ran away quickly.

  ()3.The word “disappeared” most possibly means.

  A.found the secret B.couldnt be seen

  C.cried loudly D.closed the door

  ()4.Jason and Peter laughed because.

  A.they had got Tom into trouble B.they liked telling jokes

  C.they had played a joke on TomD.Tom didnt listen to them


Passage Two

  Hey there,

  So youre about to spend four years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars of your parents money,and all you really know about college is that all of your friends are going.Do you ever stop to wonder why youre going?

  Youre making the right decision.First of all,youll discover what interests you by taking courses in many subjects.For example,its hard to decide if you want to be a painter if youve never painted any picture;once youre in a drawingroom on campus,youll know one way or the other.College is also a lot of fun after you graduate,youll be working every weekday for 50 or so years.And remember that college graduates earn about twice the income of those who never attended college.

  Finding the right college can be difficult.Fortunately,Johnson Revicetv is here to help you every step of the way.

  * Researching Schools.To us,the most important decision youll make is to choose the school that really fits you best—not the one that is the most competitive or has the best equipped rooms.

  * Applying to School.On JohnsonRevietv.com,youll find hundreds of actual college applications and links to many more.

  * Raising Your Scores.American College Test is one of the most difficult parts of the admissions course.Its not the most important,though,and not everyone needs to prepare for the test.But,if you think you can do better,find the right course for better scores.

  * Paying for School.Most families need financial aid for the high cost of college.The problem is that financial aid seems difficult to get and many families get caught up in the price of college rather than learning the ways to get financial aid.If you really do your research,youll learn that you can afford to attend any college,no matter the cost.

  For more information,call 6003681 or visit JohnsonRevietv.com.Wherever you go,have a nice trip!

  Jodhnson Smith

  Founder and CEO

  Johnson Review

  ()5.How many reasons for going to college does the author mention in the text?

  A.2. B.3.

  C.4. D.5.

  ()6.The author thinks you should choose the college that is.

  A.wellequipped B.competitive

  C.suitable D.famous

  ()7.What does the author advise you to do to pay the high cost of college?

  A.To ask the family for help.

  B.To make a study of financial courses.

  C.To do research on the price of college.

  D.To get to know how to ask for financial aid.

  ()8.Whats the authors purpose of writing this text?

  A.To suggest ways to prepare for college learning.

  B.To help readers find the right college.

  C.To make Johnson Review popular.

  D.To introduce college life.


Passage Three

  In the 1960s,many young Americans were dissatisfied with American society.They wanted to end the Vietnam War and to make all of the people in the U.S.equal.Some of them decided to “drop out” of American society and form their own societies.They formed utopian communities,which they called “communes”,where they could follow their philosophy of “do your own thing”.A group of artists founded a commune in southern Colorado called “Drop City”.Following the ideas of philosopher and architect Buckminster Fuller they built domeshaped houses from pieces of old cars.Other groups,such as author Ken Keseys Merry Pranksters,the followers of San Francisco poet Steve Gaskin,and a group that called itself the Hog Farm,lived in old school houses and traveled around the United States.The Hog Farm became famous when they helped organize the Woodstock Rock Festival in 1969.Steve Gaskins followers tried to settle down on a farm in Tennessee,but they had to leave when some members of the group were arrested for growing marijuana.

  Not all communes believed in the philosophy of “do your own thing,”however.Twin Oaks,a commune founded in Virginia in the late 1960s,was based on the ideas of psychologist B.F.Skinner.The people who lived at Twin Oaks were carefully controlled by Skinners “conditioning” techniques to do things that were good for the community.In 1972,Italian architect Paolo Soleri began to build Arcosanti,a utopian city Arizsona where 2500 people will live closely together in one large building called an“archeology”.Soleri believes that people must live closely together so that they will all become one.

  ()9.Why did some young Americans decide to “drop out” of society during the 1960s?

  A.They were not satisfied with American society.

  B.They wanted to grow marijuana.

  C.They wanted to go to the Vietnam War.

  D.They did not want all people to be equal.

  ()10.Where did the members of the Hog Farm commune live?

  A.In domeshaped house. B.In old school houses.

  C.On a farm in Tennessee. D.In an archeology in Arizona.

  ()11.Who gave the people of Drop City the idea to build domeshaped house?

  A.Paolo Soleri. B.B.G.Skinner.

  C.Steve Gaskin. D.Buckminster Fuller.

  ()12.What was the Twin Oaks commune based on?

  A.The philosophy of “do your own thing”.

  B.Virginia in the late 1960s.

  C.The ideas of psychologist.

  D.The belief that people must live closely together.

  ()13.What is an “archeology”?

  A.A person who studies archaeology.

  B.A large building where people live closely together.

  C.A city in Arizona.

  D.A technique to control people.


Passage Four

  Actually,though,America,the “land of immigrants”,has always had people of many different nationalities and languages.The 1990 census (人口普查) indicates that almost 14% of Americans speak a nonEnglish language at home.Yet only 3% reported that they spoke English “not well” or “not at all”.That means that slightly more than one out of 10 Americans could be considered bilingual.

  Besides that,many high school,college students,and even some elementary school students are required to take a foreign language as a part of their curriculum.In addition to old standbys(受人喜爱的语种) like Spanish,German and French,more and more students are opting for Eastern European and Asian languages.Of course,not all students keep up their foreign language abilities.As the old saying goes,“If you dont use it.” But still,a growing number of Americans are coming to appreciate the benefits of being multilingual.

  Ethnic enclaves(少数民族聚居地),found particularly in major metropolitan centers,have preserved the language and culture of American immigrants.Some local residents can function quite well in their native language,without having to bother learning English.Regions such as southern Florida and the Southwest have numerous Spanishspeaking neighborhoods.In fact,Spanish speakers—numbering over 17 million—compose the largest nonEnglish linguistic group in America.But Chinese,Vietnamese,Italian,Polish and many other ethnic group add to the linguistic flavor of America.Foreign languages are so commonly used in some ethnic neighborhoods that visitors might think they are in another country!

  Although some Americans welcome this linguistic and cultural diversity,others have begun to fear that the English language is being threatened.Since the 1980s,the “English Only” movement has sought to promote legislation which would establish English as the “official language” and restrict the use of nonEnglish language.However,some groups,including TESOL,the organization for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other language,object to such “language restrictionism”.Their view,known as “English Plus”,suggests that Americans should have respect for peoples native language and help them fit into the mainstream of society.But so far,19 states have passed English Only legislation,and the topic is the focus of an ongoing debate.

  Whether or not English is the official language of the United States,it remains the “language of wider communication”.Nearly everyone recognizes the need to develop proficiency in English in order to do well in America.To help those who want to brush up on their English skills,English as a Second Language (ESL) classes around.Cities with large numbers of recent immigrants often set up bilingual education programs to teach students content subjects in their native language while they improve their English.Language educators often have strong and divergent views as to which approach helps learners achieve better results: a bilingual approach,an ESL approach or even a pure immersion (“sink or swim”) approach.However,all these teachers share a common commitment: to help students function well in English.

  Americans recognize that English is the international language,and people with good English skills can get by in many international settings.On the other hand,in a world growing increasingly smaller,second language skills can be a great favor.They can build crosscultural bridges and give people an edge in a variety of career field.Indeed,lack of foreign language proficiency can limit ones chances for advancement and keep one in a cultural deadend street.As many people in America are discovering,being monolingual is no laughing matter.

  ()14.The word “bilingual” (Line 5,Para,1 ) means.

  A.being able to speak two languages

  B.being able to speak three languages

  C.being able to speak four languages

  D.being able to speak five languages

  ()15.Foreign languages are commonly used in some ethnic neighborhoods because.

  A.ethnic groups have preserved their native languages

  B.ethnic groups are not allowed to speak English

  C.ethnic groups encourage their natives to learn foreign languages

  D.ethnic groups allow their natives to go to another country

  ()16.compose the largest linguistic group in America.

  A.Immigrants from China  B.Immigrants from Spain

  C.Immigrants from Italy  D.Immigrants from Vietnam

  ()17.Which of the following is TRUE about “English Only” movement?

  A.Its purpose was to establish a legislation of restricting the use of English.

  B.TESOL was in favor of “English Only” by objecting to “English plus”.

  C.It was launched because English was being threatened.

  D.A large majority of states supported the movement.

  ()18.The general idea of this passage is.

  A.the importance of being bilingual

  B.the need to speak the native languages

  C.English—a language widely spoken around the world

  D.the English Only movement


  Ⅳ.Writing (14分)

  Directions: For this part,you are required to write a composition on the topic:My Opinion on Advertisement.You should write at least 120 words and you should base your composition on the outline below:

  Some people hold the idea that the advertisement is a necessary evil in modern life.What do you think?





  A.赫尔巴特 B.皮亚杰

  C.杜威 D.瓦·根舍因


  A.非正式教育 B.前制度化教育

  C.制度化教育 D.后制度化教育



  C.上位学习 D.相关类属学习


  A.遗传 B.环境

  C.教育 D.主观能动性


  A.实验研究 B.个案实验

  C.描述性研究 D.实验室实验






  Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure

  1.D 【解析】look for意为“寻找”;look up意为“查找”;find意为“找到,发现”;find out意为“发现,看穿,查出”。

  2.C 【解析】前一句为if引导的宾语从句,从句中可用将来时;第二句为if引导的条件状语从句,是一个有可能发生的事实及其产生的相关的结果,从句用一般现在时态。

  3.C 【解析】考查it is necessary的句型,意为“……是必需的。”

  4.D 【解析】该句主语为all,故选D。

  5.B 【解析】the singer and the dancer为两个人,故用have。

  6.D 【解析】it做形式宾语,真正的宾语为to master a foreign language without much memory work。

  7.A 【解析】第一个to属于be up to这个短语,意为“胜任”;第二个to为不定式表目的。

  8.B 【解析】not that…but that 同 not because…but because, 表示两个原因和理由,一正一反,前后对比。

  9.A 【解析】take into account意为“重视,考虑”;account for意为“说明……原因”;make up for意为“补偿,弥补”;make out意为“填写,辨认”。

  10.A 【解析】preference意为“偏爱”;expectation意为“期望”;fantasy意为“想象,幻想”;fashion意为“方式,样式”。

  11.C 【解析】skeptical意为“怀疑性的”;intelligible意为“可理解的”;ambiguous意为“不明确的”;exclusive意为“排他的,独占的”。本句的意思是“这个句子的意思是不明确的,你可以用几种不同的方式来解释它。”

  12.A 【解析】discard意为“丢弃,抛弃”;dissipate意为“驱散,消散”;cancel意为“取消”;conceal意为“隐藏”。本句的意思是“我们搬家之前应该丢弃一些旧家具,以便为新家腾出更多的空间。”

  13.A 【解析】tuck意为“折短,卷起”;revolve意为“旋转”;twist意为“扭曲, 缠绕”;curl意为“使(头发等)卷曲”。本句的意思是“她没有任何犹豫,脱下鞋子,折起裙子,趟水穿过了小溪。”

  14.D 【解析】cancel意为“取消”;omit意为“省略”;extinguish意为“熄灭,灭绝”;erase意为“擦去”。本句的意思是“在今天的课上,学生们被要求擦去试卷上的错误答案并填上改正后的答案。”

  15.D 【解析】subjective意为“主观的”;subordinate意为“下级的”;liable意为“可能的”;vulnerable意为“脆弱的”。本句的意思是“一些研究者认为某些人具有易受干燥热风伤害的神经系统,我们称他们为天气敏感者。”


  1-5 ACABD6-10 CBACD11-15 CADDD16-20 DBDCB

  Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension

  1-4 ACBC5-8 BCDC9-13 ABDCB14-18 AABCA




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